Charging for Yoga Classes: Greed or Good Practice?

This was in response to a post on the kundalini yoga teacher’s forum, subject: knowledge should be free. The gist was that this person thought it was hypocritical to charge for passing on spiritual teachings. The following is a response.accepting money for yoga classes

Many people believe that spiritual knowledge should be free. In many ways it is, but living in a world of duality, one has to give in order to get. That is also in accordance with karmic law. Karma is simply cause and effect, which was proven scientifically by Newton in his third law–“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” As far as charging for this knowledge, the waters get muddy here in the west, in our modern capitalist system.

In the past, spiritual tradition was typically handed down from Master to Student at great physical cost. A new Chela, or student, wishing to find a master and learn the spiritual path would travel arduously up into the Himalayan mountains and once he found the master, would then work for that master for several years or more until accepted. That is if the master accepted him in the first place and allowed him to work. After this tremendous expression of commitment, the student would then get one kriya to practice and master. In that context, if you stop to think about the volume of technology Yogi Bhajan passed on in such a short time, it’s mind boggling. (more…)

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102 Things you can do to realize your destiny

To Bee, to bee

A friend of mine suggested this idea a few days ago and so I ran with it. After all, everybody loves lists! Thanks Ali.

  1. Think About Your Destiny Once A Day
  2. Follow Your Heart
  3. Follow Your Bliss
  4. Pray for Others
  5. Pray for Yourself
  6. Meditate
  7. Give to Charity
  8. Follow Your Intuition
  9. Breathe Deeply
  10. Forgive Someone
  11. Love Everyone You See
  12. Treat Others as You Would Like To Be Treated
  13. Do Something Self-Less
  14. Be At Peace Within
  15. Live In The Present Moment
  16. Accept Things As They Are Now
  17. Get Rid of Anger
  18. Call Your Mother
  19. Call Your Father
  20. Be Kind to Yourself
  21. Do What’s Right for You
  22. Make The Higher Choice
  23. Clean Your House
  24. Try Something New
  25. Don’t Worry (more…)

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The Paradox of Prayer & Healing

Praying for the healing of others heals you by default. By sending out light and loving thoughts to people in your life, you actually heal yourself. It came to me in a meditation recently that since all things are of this one universal energy (some people calls it God, some people calls it a kaiser blade…) and we are this energy in human form, then you heal yourself by healing with prayer, those that have appeared in your life. It’s the director metaphor again. Each of our individual realities is the projection of our own souls. (more…)

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