Yoga+Boot Camp ~ Isn’t that like, a contradiction?

Don’t be put off by the words ‘boot camp.’  Other than the early morning class time, there’s really no harshness to it.  Kundalini Yoga is an ancient mind-body technology that works on the physical body, glandular system and mind to give you the Ultimate Workout– physical exercise and deep meditation so that you start your days with the utmost clarity, focus and determination, without the stress.  Kundalini Yoga is very powerful in that it works on the psyche so that you’re deeply relaxed as you start your day, not chasing and trying to keep up.

The Kundalini Yoga Boot Camp is an early morning workout and meditation program using Kundalini Yoga technology and is designed to build your personal power to propel you to the next level in your life. The classes are structured to inspire self-discipline and focus, which allows you to become more effective, clear and creative, by experiencing and building a foundation of your own power.

If you find yourself repeating the same habitual patterns and falling short of your goals, or things are fine and you would like to enhance what’s already working, this program will help you to focus your energy so that you can make quantum changes.

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How does it work, anyway?

Your intention is magnified with the quantum energy generated by the practice of Kundalini Yoga.  Done in a group this energy is actually multiplied.  This will create the momentum necessary to move past whatever blocks you.  This can be habitual behavior you want to quit, daily stresses of work, life, and relationships or even deep stress and depression caused by traumatic events.  Or, perhaps you have a pretty good life, but just have a feeling of wanting more.  Everybody has some challenge that blocks them– that’s what makes up the game of life.  KYBC was designed to help connect you to your deep inner flow so that you can use more of the infinite YOU to have a greater experience of your life.  The practice gives you more energetic awareness, which can allow you to make positive changes and expand your life.  The ideal is to do forty days in a row, practicing on your own if you can’t make it to class.  This will effect the greatest change.

However, if you can only come a few days a week or if you can only do 10 or 20 days you will still benefit and you will also be given the tools necessary to complete the entire program on your own time.  Basically, 40 days changes a habit and Kundalini Yoga Boot Camp allows you to tap into a group energy that magnifies the whole process.  That doesn’t mean you have to do 40 days, but that’s the ideal.  Many students can only come a few times a week to give themselves a weekly boost.  The overriding purpose of the program is to give you the tools necessary to set a foundation of practice that’s right for you.

What’s the class like?

Each 90-minute class combines physical postures, deep breathing and relaxation with the sound current of The Gong. The Gong is an amazing instrument that creates a sound which puts you into a rapid, deep relaxation.  You can learn more about the practice on  the Frequently Asked Questions page, which has more in depth information about the significance of Kundalini yoga, 40 day meditations, The healing power of the Gong and more…

Also, make sure and check out the blog for stimulating discussion about yoga, motivation, healthy living.

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“I’ve done all sorts of yoga, even kundalini, yet there is something really special about Jai Gopal’s classes. He is such a genuine, generous guide to your practice. And I say ‘your’ because at least in my experience I feel He really empowers his students to take the reigns of their practice and go forth boldly.” –Joey M., Los Angeles

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