SAT KRIYA: How To, Tips, Tricks and Finer Points

I’ve been doing Sat Kriya daily for several years now and it’s amazing how you intuitively learn little things from the meditation and the changes that you go through.

When I first started, my right arm would fall asleep and I’d sweat like hell.  When I got up to 31 minutes my legs would fall asleep pretty bad, even with a big pillow between my legs, but eventually the legs got stronger and even if they fell asleep a little it wasn’t so bad.  They always got back to normal and it actually greatly improved the circulation in my legs.  After some time in the practice though I began to notice great things. My navel was getting much stronger and my hips were opening up. My lung capacity has increased. Now that the energy was getting into the upper centers my meditiations, particularly while chanting in the morning began to go much, much deeper.

Here are some tips and pointers from my experience…

**Always Tune In with the Adi Mantra 3 times before beginning any Kundalini Yoga Kriya or Meditation.  Click Here for instructions on the mantra.

Sat Kriya Illustrated example

How To Do It:

  1. Sitting on the heels in rock pose, interlace the fingers with the Jupiter (Index) fingers pointing straight up.
  2. Cross the thumbs: Females cross left over right and Males cross right over left.
  3. Raise the arms straight up and rotate the upper arms inward so that the arms are hugging the ears.
  4. In this position you will chant the mantra “Sat Naam” in the following way:
    • Pull the navel point in* as you chant “Sat!” (Sounds like ‘Sutt.’)
    • Release the lock as you chant “Naam.” (Almost like a sigh with the sound “Naam”)
    • *Author’s note: When you pull the navel point in, the root lock, known as Mulbandh, contracting the navel, sex organ and anus, will naturally happen.  However, the focus is on pulling the navel point in.  Earlier I had written that you pull mulbandh from the start.  It’s a subtle difference and there is some discussion about it because both ways are technically correct, but the teaching from the book is: pull the navel point on Sat, release on Naam.


  1. At the end, inhale completely and hold, squeezing the root lock and the muscles of the back and shoulders for as long as you can. Imagine that you are sending the energy up through the top of the head. Exhale.
  2. Inhale and repeat above step one more time.
  3. Then inhale completely and exhale completely then hold the breath out long as you can, while pulling the root lock and squeezing the muscles of the back all the way up again.
  4. Inhale, and relax.

Time: 3 minutes up to 62 minutes.

*One option is to practice for 3 minutes, rest for two minutes and repeat two more times for a 15 minute exercise, which will build stamina and a foundation for longer practice.

Rest & Relaxation:
Try to relax for about the same amount of time as the exercise. This isn’t always possible but just remember, deep relaxation after this kriya is a must and nearly as important as the initial effort. The body’s systems need time to regenerate and reconstitute themselves.  So use your judgement but always rest sufficiently after.

This is a pretty tough exercise when beginning kundalini yoga. Practiced over 40 days this kriya can provide countless health benefits. Don’t be overconfident. This is a powerful kundalini exercise and should be approached with reverence and respect.  Start slowly and build up.

**A special note: Yogi Bhajan has said that you can do Sat Kriya with the palms flat against one another, but only if you’ve never done drugs (damaged the nervous system.) My teacher explained it further in this way: Since the fingers represent certain planetary aspects (Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Mercury) having them extended both releases and draws more of that energy in. If you’re not ready for it, then it’s like trying to drink out of a firehose. It’s a waste of time and inefficient. So unless you’ve practiced Sat Kriya for some time and you’ve also not done drugs in a while, then best to stick to the basics. There’s a lot to be learned in the way of mastery by starting from the basics and building up.

Some Finer Points of The Sat Kriya:

  • Sat Kriya can be done quietly. This is probably the greatest boon to all dedicated Sat Kriya practitioners. Many people who consider doing Sat Kriya for an extended period of time, shy away because they inevitably see themselves in a situation where it would be inappropriate to chant too loud. The important part of the exercise is pulling the root lock and moving the navel. As long as you can hear yourself vibrate the Sat Naam mantra you’re still in line with the intent of the kriya. I’ve done it nearly silently in some situations. Now there’s no excuse. When you’re visiting your mother-in-law  just take your sheepskin, go into the walk-in closet and get to it.
  • When pulling the Mulbandh, I have noticed that pulling in on the navel first will cause the other two– sex organ and anus to contract in kind.
  • You can go slow and easy at first– just by pulling in on the navel and watching the natural flow of it. I see my students, because they expect the kriya to be hard, they jerk the body and bounce up and down. This is totally unnecessary. These kriyas have subtle power in them. doing them is like driving a finely tuned automobile– if you do it right, it can be very smooth. So begin by just pulling in slowly on the navel and let the root lock follow. Once you’re warmed up and have some momentum you’ll really start to squeeze the root lock in rhythm.more illustration sat kriya posture
  • Relax the entire body except for the muscles you’re using. You’ll be surprised at the power that’s saved and recycled back into the kriya when you relax your shoulders and thighs and the other parts you’re tensing because your mind is having a fit. .. “How much longer are we going to do this? Are we going to die soon? What is this kundalini yoga anyway– is it really good for you? What kind of name is Sat Kriya anyway? Isn’t this a lot like a cult? What would your friends think of this stuff?” (please note your mind’s garbage chatter may be different!)
  • Speaking of the mind… Sat Kriya is a great meditation for taming the mind. As the mind wanders, as in any meditation, just bring it back.
  • Just let the breath follow naturally from the movement. I’ve heard many people say different things about the breath, but if you just chant and pull the locks as prescribed, a breath will follow.
  • Listen to your own sound. This goes for any chanting. The vibration of your own sound will take you deeper within yourself and the kriya will begin to teach you things.
  • Really stretch the arms up and hug the ears and try continually to keep that posture perfect. Just as when the mind wanders you bring it back, when the posture slips, correct it. As you stretch up on the spine, you will get a different pull on the navel. It will be higher and more energy will go up especially around the heart. The hips will open more. Because Sat Kriya is difficult, people tend to shrink under the weight of it. This is another layer of meaning in Yogiji’s brilliant mantra: “Keep up and you will be kept up.” You’ll go deeper and you’ll be happy about it.
  • Sat Kriya works both ways. I was sitting in a group workshop with my teacher and we were doing a sort of roundtable assessing each other and prescribing kriyas for individual sadahanas. My teacher had assessed this one young woman and said that coming from her eyes was a very powerful soul and that in order for her to bring that power more fully into her body and use it’s full potential, she should do Sat Kriya. Then he asked the group, “Why?” I have no idea where it came from, but before I knew it, I had said, “Because Sat Kriya works both ways.” And that was it. We normally think because of the posture, pointing up, that we’re taking the energy of the lower triangle through the heart and up through the subtle centers of the upper triangle. However, Sat Kriya actually works both ways. We’re also pulling the cosmic energy in through the crown and down and circulating it back up. That’s another one of the brilliant wonders of the technology that is Sat Kriya and moreover, Kundalini Yoga.
  • Always use the mantra Sat Naam, as it is integral to this kriya. Sat Naam means, basically: “Truth is my whole identity.” Sat=”Inner truth,” and Naam =”the whole identity.” Another way of looking at it is, “I agree to the truth within.” Mantra is a projection of the mind using sound, so basically this mantra vibrates the higher self in the sub-conscious so that later, when you’re re-engaged in the world, the mind is reverberating on the truth of the self, on auto-pilot, working for you.
  • Mama said there’d be days like this… If doing the kriya for an extended period of time, just know you’re gonna have good days and bad days, just like life. Keep up and you will be kept up. The only way to have any real experience is to do something and master it over time. It’s the only way to truly know something. So dive in, the water is fine. Sat Kriya is one of the premiere kundalini yoga exercises because it covers everything and moves the energy very quickly. Use it on your way to self-mastery.

A Few of The Benefits of The Sat Kriya:

  • Rock pose (sitting on the heels) is the basis of Sat Kriya and it aids digestion… it is said that sitting on the heels one can digest rocks, hence the name. This pose combined with the tension of the Mulbandh (root lock) further stimulates the stomach, intestines and the overall digestive tract.
  • Sat Kriya directly stimulates the sexual-creative energy and redirects that energy upward, through the upper chakras causing a balancing of the energy system. This redirected sexual energy is very healing to the entire body.
  • Balances the shadow aspects of overactive sex drive and sexual phobias through this redirecting of the sexual creative energy through the heart and upper chakras, which relate to the transcendant god-aspect of the human being. This physical movement of the sexual energy upward becomes a meditation which causes you to look upon the others with the perspective of the heart and the grace of the higher self, as opposed to an object of sexual desire only.
  • Stimulates the glandular (endocrine) system, particularly the lymph glands which remove toxins from the body.
  • Strengthens the heart through the rhythmic increase in blood pressure which results from the pumping movement of the navel point.
  • Increases and strengthens the nervous system for overall well-being and radiance.
  • Makes you look good… especially if you follow the tips to good posture outlined above.

The Yoga Boot Camp Sat Kriya Challenge:

Do Sat Kriya for a minimum of three minutes daily for a period of forty days and record your experiences. Come back and share them here as comments on this page.

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  1. Thank you very much Jai Gopal for posting this up and everyone who has shared their helpful experiences!
    I’ve only found your site yesterday and after doing about 5-6 minutes of Sat kriya i was sweating like hell which is incredible ’cause sometimes i dont even sweat like that when i work out and i finally collapsed and did feel emotions coming out, its hard to tell after first try but its almost like i’ve experienced negative emotions coming out, felt sad for a brief period of time and then felt a lasting blissful relaxed feeling!

    I’ve make an analogy if you will. I feel like Neo from The Matrix whos been looking for something his entire life just didnt know what it was, well thats me, i’ve been looking for Sat Kriya and yoga discipline in general to strengthen my life. Now i found it. I’ve been looking for a cure for my chronic masturbation and depression. Was told that nothing is more powerful then Sat Kriya when it comes to converting your sexual energy into mental.

    I’m 26 btw and from Russia. Completely stopped playing computer games and watching porn for more then 2 month already, almost quit drinking and i’ve never smoked in my life, have been working out regularly for last 30 days and now i’ve found one last missing piece of my enlightenment. Thank you once again. I’ll post some time later about the results. God Bless.

  2. I suffer from hypoglycemia which makes me overheat and sweat really easily. I have been doing Sat Nam kriya for a couple of weeks (only up to 4 minutes) and by minute 3 I am sweating profusely. I know I perspire easily but is it normal to get so heated?

  3. As I wanted to practice Sat Kriya, so googled out many inofrmations… I Found out this site to be a lot informative. Have decided to carry out it from today 🙂 Breath movement while finishing is provided.. Can you please guide me with the rhythm of breath while reciting the mantra? Should the breath be Normal, Fast or slow and deep?

  4. Thank you so much for sharing all your experiences with us. May you live in grace. Sat nam.

  5. Sat Nam Vivek,

    Don’t worry about the breath. Just pull the lock as you chant “Sat” and release it on “Nam.” The breath will take care of itself and eventually you won’t even think about it.

    Good Luck!

  6. Hi Lori Lynn

    Yes, it’s perfectly normal to get heated and sweating is good for the body. Sat Kriya realigns all the systems of the body so what doesn’t belong or serve you gets released or “burned away” and that’s likely what you’re experiencing with the sweating.

    However, as we always say– we don’t give medical advice on here, so be sure and consult your doctor if you have a pre-existing condition. Starting with just 4 minutes is a good idea. We advocate beginning slowly and building up. Sat Kriya is a powerful exercise and you’ll definitely benefit with every little bit you do. Sat Nam.

  7. Hello,
    I have been doing Sat Kriya now for 6 or 7 days and I have to say I am feeling a lot of saddness and grief. I didnt at first but the last 3 days it has gotten pretty intense so much that I didnt want to go to work today and cant wait to leave to go journal or do whatever to release all these feelings. Is this normal? I did just move out of a city that I was living for, for 7 years and not sure if it is saddness from the move. I started with 4 min and add a min. a day so I am up to 12 min. which I did yesterday and I only did 4 min, this morning……

  8. Hi Susan,

    Everything you’re describing is perfectly normal. It’s cleaning house and as tough a job as that may be, it’s better out than in. Kundalini works fast so sometimes we don’t understand what is happening until some time has gone by. Writing about the experience is a good outlet. Keep going and keep up. Stay with the practice. The benefits far outweigh any of the turbulence along the way. Sat Nam.

  9. MY teacher in Colorado suggested Sat Kriya to me and I began a 40 day practice, but missed a day around #35, and thought I could just add a day to the end day…..but she informed that I begin again as not to have an interruption in the 40 days. Now maybe I am 2 weeks into the second round.
    It has gotten gradually more comfortable day by day, (yes I have some difficult emotional days that arose) but the energy has increased in intensity and I do not get as hot or sweaty. It has become something I actually enjoy at times….although when I began I also thought I would never survive! I am now considering keeping this kriya past the 40 days. Thank you for your comments, I am grateful for more guidance. Sat Nam!

  10. Thank you for this wonderful site! It is really inspiring and educational!I have read all about this kriya and panic attacs, as fear, anxiety and panic attacs is also my challenges in this life. And I hope Sat Kriya eventually will help me overtone these challenges.

    My question for you is how careful I can be when I start build this kriya, and still have an effect from it? I read something about that one can actually do the “pull” and “release” quite slow? I have been doing KY for a couple of years and have tried to establish a routine with Sat Kriya a couple of times. Both times I have followed instructions and pace from a cd, and both times I have ended up with more anxiety and panicattacs than I can cope with. This have led to me changing my KY-practise back to a program that calms me down again. I realise that SK releases my fears, and that this eventually is what is going to make me healthier, but I want to be sure I don’t release them faster than I can cope with. so this time i want to be sure I do this at my own pace.

    So my question is: can I myself decide the pace of the “pull and release” (f.ex a pull every second or third second), and can I start by doing a more careful and controlled pull at the navel instead of a firm one I have been taught in The lasses I have attended? Can the saying

  11. I am so sorry… My IPad seems to live a life of it’s own 😉

    “…I have been taught in the CLASSES i have attended” was what I wanted to say 😉

    Also: can the saying: “Less is more” apply to this kriya as it sometimes does in other yoga practices?

    Love M

  12. What happens if instead of 3 or instead of 31 minutes, one does 6 or 7 minutes, what is the importance of the time 3 or 31 minutes? Can you please explain, thank you and Satnam.

  13. Hi Sanj, any amount of time from 3 minutes up to 2 1/2 hours is acceptable. It’s not recommended to jump right in to 31 or more minutes, especially if you haven’t done kundalini yoga very much. Best to start slowly and build up. Take time to experience the kriya and then increase the time. Also, there is a method wherein you do the kriya for 3 minutes, rest for 2 minutes and then continue that cycle up to 15 minutes. This is sometimes recommended for beginners. Sat Nam.

  14. Hi Malin, to answer your question, I believe it is okay to vary the pace as there is no instruction on how fast or slow to pull and release the navel/mulbhandh. Also, “less is more” is a very good policy with Kundalini Yoga in general. It’s very powerful and after some practice you will be able to increase. Also if the anxiety is too much try something more subtle like Kirtan Kriya. Sat Nam.

  15. Dear Jai Gopal,
    Thank you very much for sharing your experiences and information.
    Tonight I’m going to do sat kriya for 26 minutes. When I reach the 31 I planned to do Sat Kriya for 1000 days. I’m looking forward to all the experiences I’ll get.
    With love & blessings, Sohan.

  16. Dear Jai Gopal,thank you very much for sharing your experiences and information. Tonight I’m doing sat kriya for 26 minutes to build up to 31. I planned to do the sat kriya for 1000 days and I’m looking forward to all the new experiences! Sat nam, Sohan

  17. hey.. i started doing sat kriya it was my first day and i did it for 3 mins and then realx for 5 mins . and in thoese 5 mins i felt energy moving in my low spine to middle spine is it gud? and then all day my head was heavyy ? is it wrong ? and i waana ask the ending when we inhalee and exhale 3 times on the end. first 2 is inhale hold breath put a lock and then exhale and 3 one is oppsite ? inhale and exhale then hold breath and put lock ? and then release the lock and inhale and relax ? is it proper ? plz reply asap 🙂 thank you .

  18. I’m probably missing something obvious here, but what the heck – no such thing as a stupid question…!

    If SK is to be avoided during the first 3 days of menses, and if 40-day sadhanas can’t be broken without starting over again, how is it possible for a woman to do SK as a 40-day sadhana?

    Thanks 🙂

  19. Good one, Karen. My wife and several fellow yoginis have done sat kriya as a sadhana and from what I remember them telling of it, there are two schools of thought on this. One is that you can skip it for those three days and double the time for the following three days. The other method is to take up the posture and chant, but not pull the mulbandh. I’m going to ask around some more and see what other ideas there are about this. Thanks for the good question.

  20. Hi Gurpal Singh. What you describe sounds normal to me. Sat Kriya directly stimulates the kundalini energy which travels up and down the central channel (essentially the spine.) As for the heavy head, I believe you mean feeling spaced out or out of it. That’s normal. After some practice the energy in your system will likely normalize and the heady feeling won’t feel so foreign. Sat Kriya moves energy in the system very powerfully and that can feel unfamiliar when beginning to practice. The ending breath you described is correct.

  21. Dear Jai Gopal. This site and your answers inspired me to begin my SK Journey, and I have now practised SK on an almost daily basis since the beginning of february. Being a twin mom I have had interruptions in my 40 day challenge every now and then, but I will get there eventually. I just keep up my practise and mark a new “day one” every time I get interrupted 😉

    I started carefully with only one minute, and have worked my way up to four minutes by now. It seems like four minutes will be giving me some challenges so I think I will stay here for some time…. At least until the discomforts are released. Since I have chosen a gentle approach to my practise my anxiety and panic attacs have not increased but are at a level I can handle at this point.

    I have a couple of more questions that I would be very thankful if you or anyone else

  22. My questions to you:

    – can I continue to increase the time of the kriya at the same time as I go into a 40-day practise, or should I keep SK at a definite time during this period?

    – can you explain the difference in benefits from a 40-day uninterrupted practise as to a practise wich I do now (6 out of 7 days a week in average)?

    – about Kirtan Kriya: is there a site where I can read more about it and it’s benefits? Can I do this meditation for instance in the evening

  23. Good Questions Malin…

    1) some people like myself just make Sat Kriya a part of their daily practice. I just do it every day. When you’re starting out you can use time as a milestone marker or goal setter wherein you do a set time for 40 days and kick it up. This is a good way to watch progress. You can observe what happens as you make progress. Especially if you’re keeping a journal. I would vote for a defiinite time because the whole game of meditation is doing battle with the mind… the sub-conscious mind. So if you bounce around on the time you open yourself up to “discussion” with the mind. “Today it’s raining so I think I’ll only do 3 min. Tomorrow I’ll do 5.” Since you’re beginning you could keep notching it up until you find your “max” as they say in weightlifting. Once you find that max then keep at that level for 40 days and see what happens.

    2) Doing Sat Kriya = Benefit, big benefit, period. Doing Sat Kriya for 40 days straight = super double better benefit. This is because 40 days gives you great leverage in changing habits. The key is to find what works for YOU. As long as you’re doing it, you’re good. Make it work FOR YOU.

    3) Contact me offline and I will send you info about Kirtan Kriya.

  24. hi! your site is very helpful. i’ve been practising kundalini for a little under a year. i did the “adais, tissai, adais” 40 meditation through spirit voyage, but skipped a few days. i didn’t realize i should have started over with day one. really??

  25. Really. : ) LOL. When starting out it’s helpful to train the mind by setting strict rules. As you go on and the practice becomes a relationship of love and devotion, you don’t want to miss it — even in the midst of resistance of the mind.

  26. Satnam,
    Not sure if it’s been mentioned here, at a recent retreat with Guru Dev Singh he also added some finer points for perfecting Sat Kriya: on Sat we pull the navel in AND UP. For a while I wasn’t aware of this, after he told me I began pulling in and up and it refined everything.
    He also said on Nam the key is to totally relax the navel. It goes back to you mentioning that it ‘works both ways’, and for that there has to be the total relaxation of the navel downwards.

  27. Hey jai gopal… I do sat kriyaa eevrymoring after i wake up.. and this is my 15th day. but first day after doing sat kriya in relaxing time i felt soo much energy movingg up and down in my low spin on second day i felt little less than first day and now i dont feel any energy moving in my low spine.. but i feel peacee.. so m i doing correct ? wht wil be the result ? if i continue donig this. it can open my chakras ?

  28. Hi Gopal, good info about sat kriya, I’m student of yoga and white tantra. I want to pratice sat kriya, however, when i referred to other websites which has information which is slightly different from yours, as you said, we need to root lock when we chant sat along with navel base, however some websites say we needn’t do that, root lock should be performed separately and sat kriya and relax,it is quite confusing, please do reply the my question. your dear student.

  29. Hi Jai gopal,….. this is a fantastic site u have here ….. Especially the tips that u have given here are really fantastic….. i have been doing KY for about 11 months now and am doing 22mins of Sat kriya since 2 months , earlier i was doing it for 11 mins for 7-8 months. by the time i reached 11 minutes daily i saw a huge difference in the balance of the sexual system and urges….Simply fantastic and now with 22 mins my arms get a very heavy tingling sensation and i really have to hold up my arms…… i had been doing Sodarshan chakra kriya too for 11 mins for quite a lot of months and now i have progressed to 31 minutes of sodarshan C.Kriya….(will complete 1 month of it by 15th May 2012)….. PHEW….. what a combination this is …..tooo goood…. my digestion has become SUPERB….. and hopefully will post other benefits and effects as and when i feel them……..KY is just amazing and a life changer…… i had a severe problem in my lumbar region of my spine about 2 years back …My bone in the lumbar region of my spine had started to degenerate but with KY and dietery changes i have made a HUGE turn around in my health and well being………have lost about 16 kgs and am now consistently maintaining my weight and health……..

  30. Sat Nam, Jai Gopal….please tell me how to control the influx of energy I feel from just doing other kriyas….I feel there is alot of incoming Yang energy,which can cause some restlessness or increase it…. my system is rather delicate with history of and some present health issues..I am energy sensitve which has an to relax and do something yin at night..what practice is recommended….thankyou for your suggestion to rest in between sets and after, I will try that

  31. I am committed to getting off sugar and I think I read some where that Sat kriya helps with addiction…Do you know if that is true?

  32. I have been doing sat kriya for 32 days but even after 32 days my ankles hurt everytime i sit in the rock pose. I can only do it for 3 mins because
    for me those 3 mins are very long.

    Also i am doing the sat kriya in the hope to find a solution to my problems but i have neither been able to tame my mind or help myself intuitatively. Any suggestions.

  33. Thanks Jai Gopal,
    I can always count on you to share your wisdom and experience with others in such a user friendly way. This is very helpful for me (and students) because you have addressed many questions I have had about long term practice.
    as always,
    sat nam,

  34. Hi Anita,
    If it’s too painful on the heels try and sit in easy pose. The arms up with the navel pumping and the mantra vibrating will activate the kundalini and it will move through the system. Keep at it. I’ve been doing SK for years and the mind is always a challenge but the rewards are many. Keep going, you’re doing great.

  35. Amrit Sadhana- Sat Kriya takes the kundalini up through the chakras very quickly and efficiently. The recitation of the mantra in addition to all of this helps to focus the mind and repattern the thought patterns (neuron patterns in the brain.) Yes, I have found Sat Kriya to help alleviate addictive behavior. However, There is another meditation specifically for addiction or “habituation.” It can be found in “Sadhana Guidelines” a manual available from KRI. The writeup for Sat Kriya is in that book as well.

  36. Sat Nam Diane. I can’t really answer that question here. I recommend finding a local teacher who can work with you, or contact me directly.

  37. Thanks Gurtej for posting your experience. Good work!

  38. Sat Nam Rakesh. Just pull the navel in and up on “Sat” and release on “Naam.” The root lock will happen as a result. Don’t think about it too much. Just do the kriya with dedication and it will reveal itself to you.

  39. Sat Nam Jai Gopal,
    very good collection of information about Sat Kriya. I wonder if you would name some of the references with the extended information, such as:
    Some Finer Points, Kriya can be done quietly, You can go slow and easy at first, etc.
    Thank you

  40. Sat Nam Dharambir,
    The finer points are my observations from doing the kriya for several years. Also some of these I learned from my teacher or other long time practitioners. They’re called finer points because they’re not covered in the kriya’s write up. However, none of these finer points advocate changing the kriya in any way– they’re observations and tips on how to get through it. For example, the tip: you can go slow and easy at first– this encourages students that might find the kriya difficult. They know from this that they can take it easy rather than walk away and quit altogether. Hope this helps. Sat Nam.

  41. I have always been a slow person, my creative power for my brain isn’t up to speed. I can’t be charismatic, or sociable which in turn makes me depressed. Will this meditation really help, sometimes I think its fate that i’m like this.

  42. Can you do this Kriya in perfect pose?

  43. Hi Jaigopal,

    Is there any age restriction or pre-existing conditions like BP or diabetes should not perform or practice ? Please advice.

  44. What are your thoughts on building up your time in SK by doing 5 mins at a time like as mentioned in the SK workout set? I have been having a hard time building my time and tended to stay at 11 mins. I have been doing SK in 5 min increments and can do around 15 or 20 mins. I would like to be able to do 31 mins so I think by doing it this way, it is better for me. Am I compromising the benefits by doing it in this way?

  45. Greetings! And thanks for this post… and opportunity to ask questions. I’ve been doing sat kriya for about 2 months now and love it (11 minutes most days). Tonight in class a new instructor (to me) had us do sat kriya, and she mentioned it should be a smooth movement (the stomach pump) rather than a jerk. I had been taught to make the pumps fairly pronounced. It feels better to me to really call out on the Sat and have a moderately aggressive navel pump. Any additional input? THANKS again!

  46. Sat Nam Brandy. I believe your teacher is correct in saying it’s not a jerky motion. The mulbhandh is pulled, starting by pulling the navel in and up as you chant Sat. It’s smooth rhythm you want to seek with this. Also in chanting, volume is not necessarily the key… you’re looking for the naad… which is a certain resonant vibration.

  47. Sat Nam Ram. There is no age restriction in Kundalni Yoga that I ever heard of. As far as medical conditions, you have to ask your doctor those questions. Kundalini yoga has manifold benefits but it’s up to the practitioner to come to the practice knowing their physical capacities based on the advice of professionals they trust.

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