Everything is Everything

We just got back from Summer Solstice in New Mexico and as always it was spectacular. It was a quick trip this year as my girlfriend Jamila and I both had pretty tight schedules. We moved into the new loft on Spring Street in Downtown Los Angeles the day after driving about 14 hours coming straight home.

downtown yoga loft los angeles

Besides the three days of White Tantric Yoga– which is always amazing, we each did a couple of workshops. Over dinner at Nyala the other night we took out our little notebooks (that Jamila makes with her company 11:11) and compared notes.

Here’s a summary of some things… they’re quite like Koans, some of them. Spiritual riddles to ponder.

From Guru Dev Singh’s Sat Nam Rasayan workshop:

Everything has the right to exist.
This is interesting because in a dual world we want to discern and classify with the ego– good vs. bad. If you can wrap your mind around the idea that everything in existence has a right to exist, then this might just lead you to the insight that all are one– coming and going from one source. In this way if you can say yes to both the good and the bad in your life, breathe a little deeper and keep focused on your life’s intention, you’ll get a little closer each day. Another aspect of this concept is acceptance which as we’ve mentioned before is the key to just about everything. Pain comes from wanting things to be other than they are in the moment. However when you accept everything exactly as it is in the moment, you’re free to go and do whatever you desire. You’re not caught up on the impossible mind block of wanting things to change that you can’t change. In this way, when you’ve come across something dark or negative in your life, just accept that it too has it’s right to exist, then it becomes a part of the oneness of your entire projection. This isn’t surrender, it’s acceptance and it frees you up to focus on your life’s intention.

Sat Nam Rasayan is healing with the Shuniya or Zero state:

This is a mouthful and it’s always going to be a stretch for those who don’t meditate. You have to have an experience of this state to know it. Other than that, it’s a perfect example of the unspeakable nature of these things. As Nanak has said, “talking about it is like eating nails.” That said, I learned that the healing technique of sat nam rasayan is a way of creating a state of shuniya or the meditative zero state where you intend to stop as much of the mind stuff as you can so that the ultimate source of you can come through. We know that every time we meditate, particularly on the breath, that our auric field expands. In this way, if you practice this meditative healing technique of Sat Nam Rasayan and build your ability to become neutral, you can create a very healing field for the person you’re working on. Now, going back to this business of everything has a right to exist– when you’re performing SNR, your mind and body will give you sensations and thoughts and the idea is that this is all a part of the technique. If you don’t resist it, but rather use it, then it becomes an asset and can give insight as to what the person needs. Essentially it is healing as an extension of yourself.

Now more than ever individually we need to improve ourselves and become our best. Each person who elevates themselves, elevates the collective consciousness. In these tumultuous and dark times, there’s no question that each individual must be their all.

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