Getting Things Done: 8 Ways to Get Past A Block

Getting Things Done: 8 Ways to Get Past A Block

When we have trouble getting something done, it’s because something in the mind is doing the blocking. Fear causes a flood of sub-conscious thoughts surrounding that fear to come up and the mind tries to reason its way out of it. All dis-abilities are imagined. I’m not talking about physical limitations, but rather the inability to manifest a desire.

If you want to manifest something. To get something, to experience having something in your life, you have to move toward it. Work for it as it were. But this is deceiving. Really you just have to allow it in. Instead of thinking of working hard to go get something, think of ways you can put energy behind your intention so that it comes to you.

  1. Set your intention for the experience
  2. Analyze your current situation, honestly
  3. Research how it’s done, or how others have done it
  4. Forget how others have done it and know that it will come for you differently
  5. Do what’s in your sphere of control.
  6. Don’t let anything stop you.
  7. Go back to your intention for the experience.
  8. Allow it to happen with patience

getting shit doneMost troubles come from thinking about a situation and not doing anything. Procrastination, resistance, are all phenomena of the mind which block. We want to Know, we want to be assured that by going down the road and putting our heart into something, that we won’t be crushed by failure, so we let fear stop us in our tracks. You have to move forward step by step with a knowledge that no matter what happens, it’ll be alright.

Courage is a funny thing. Whenever you engage courage and move past a fear there is a positive outcome.

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