Please tell me how to remove negative energy from my body and tame my mind as my servant so that no negative thoughts ever in my mind…

There’s a kundalini yoga yahoo group and a recent thread was posted in the forum about removing negative energy. I gave what I thought was a pretty good answer, so I’m posting it here for all to see. What do you think?

It’s important to remember that the energy is neutral. It is we who bring meaning to the experiences we’re having. That meaning is shaped by the momentum of our personality and our mind (karma.)

We live in the world of opposites and this duality makes us forget the one source within. The pain that’s caused out in the world is designed to get us to re-member what’s within and seek it out so we can re-unite with it (yoga). In that light, it’s not really negative energy or bad, but rather “it’s all good.” I’m not saying it feels good though. We call things negative and positive because of this duality and because the negative is usually painful, we assume it’s bad while positive is good… but, we’ve been given the negative mind for a reason. It protects us from danger, allowing us to assess the negatives in life against the positives and thus act from the neutral mind. This is what kundalini yoga and meditation gives us… the ability to lift our energy so that we can come from the neutral mind. Then with practice, the whole thing becomes joyful– even the things that seem painful or negative.

Just as Guru Rattana aptly stated in her discussion of the emotional body: “In my experience we have to transmute the negative frequencies of our emotional body to higher frequencies.”

It’s never really about removing negative energy, but rather raising the vibration of the energy that is there. Keep adding light as it were. When you shine light on a shadow it also becomes light.

This is why Yogi Bhajan’s great mantra was “Keep up and you’ll be kept up.” It’s also why, when you ask “What should I do?” about any problem, all great masters will answer: “More yoga, more yoga, more yoga.” By simply doing more yoga you will align yourself with your higher frequency and the unwanted aspects of your life will fall away effortlessly, leaving behind the good aspects for you to continue using. The practice isn’t effortless though, it can be tough at times, but when you practice regularly the things that fall away seem to do so naturally and without effort.

Yoga creates a flow where depression and anxiety can’t live because they are of a lower, more earthly vibration.


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  1. thanks for a great site full of such wonderful information! found you thru the 3HO newsletter and glad I did.keep up! ( the good work) and thank you..Sat Nam Amrita

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Donna. sat nam.

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