Nothing Is Wasted

My teacher Harijiwan often says, “At this level of incarnation, nothing is wasted.” What he means is that all your experiences up to this moment right now were given to you to serve you in a positive way, even if they didn’t feel that way on the way up.

This is yet another great philosophy from a great mind. What happens when you accept every moment of your life, good and bad, is that you can get on with things that matter.  Joseph Campbell says that “Regrets are illuminations come too late.” We all have moments when we see things clearly in hindsight that we couldn’t see when we were deep in the fray. To regret things just slows you down. Getting in the habit of acceptance frees you. Accepting that nothing in your life was wasted allows you to use all of your talents from all of your experiences to your advantage.

I used to look back on my life and wonder if I hadn’t made some big mistakes. I realize now that each experience served me… from being a West Point Cadet, to an Army Officer, to a Comedian and Actor, filmmaker, Post Production Coordinator, DVD mastering supervisor, Marketing Director to Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Every moment served me and nothing was wasted. My life experiences, by virtue of being quite varied, allow me to illustrate things to my students in ways that wouldn’t be possible had I not done the things I’ve done. The varied experiences allow me to put a real face on the teachings.

Moreover, my experiences afford me great success in the businesses I now engage in. As a marketing consultant for a real estate firm I have no fear of engaging clients or speaking to big groups-having been on stage and in front of a camera makes my business easier and more profitable. You get the point. Don’t bemoan your life experiences. Use them to profit and enrich your life so that you can be happy and healthy and then give some of it away.


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