KYBC is for anyone who wants to change themselves for the better and become excellent. Not perfect, just the best you can be with what you’ve got.  Alot of what you’ll find here is just good old, practical advice and techniques on how to live a better life, with less stress, more focus and the strength to create good habits;  The ability to change yourself, for real.  You can find this in the many articles on the blog.  Make sure and subscribe via email so you can be updated when new things are posted.

The Purpose of KYBC online.

We intend for KYBC to be an online resource where you can learn about how we work as human beings: body, mind and soul.  Kundalini Yoga is an ancient science that has just been revealed over the last thirty plus years in the west.  Until The Master, Yogi Bhajan came here, the science was only taught secretly, from Teacher to student after many arduous tests and rigorous initiation.  Now it is available openly to anyone and everyone the world over.

Kundalini Yoga is a powerful, life-changing technology, which uses breath, sound and physical exercises to re-integrate all of you, mind, body and soul to change all aspects of your life for the better.

Based on my experience in life and experimentation with this practice I’ll show you how you can use certain techniques to improve your life. You’ll learn how to experience better health, and make positive changes so you can be healthier and happier and feel whole.

Feeling whole and being a potent force in today’s world is a real challenge. In the information age we’re bombarded by data and swamped with choices which scatter our mind’s focus and hence our energies.  You need something that helps you reset your energy so you can be one-pointed, focused and fully aware.  Even better is to develop a steady practice that is perfect for you and that you enjoy doing so that you’re equal to the challenges of your days.  Having a practice, no matter how small (even as short as three minutes,) can give you a foundation for a better life.

Some of the things you can  learn here:

  • How to get yourself back in sync when you feel out of whack
  • How to increase your energy so you can have a richer experience of yourself and your relationships with others
  • How to get the mind to work for you, rather than it doing what it wants
  • How to change bad habits and create lasting, good habits
  • How you can be a potent force as a human being, regularly doing the best you can, with character commitment and grace.


I have found through personal experience that Kundalini Yoga helps to leverage truly, lasting change.  This site was created with that in mind. Anyone who wants to make their lives a little better can benefit.

Some people are able to change forever by reading something and deciding to change and that’s it. They make the decision and then they change by pure will power. For most of us, though, the mind has too deep a grip on the psyche and once you’ve exhausted your energy, the mind re-takes control and the old habits move back in.

I’ve never been able to truly transform myself solely from reading a book. I’d read a good book, get fired up and change for a little while, only to end up back where I began. I got really sick of not being in control of all of my energy and when I found Kundalini, it worked for me, fast.


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