SYNCHRONICITY: There Are No Coincidences

warrior beach
photo by Elena Tchoujtchenko

Coincidences are what Carl Jung termed Synchronicity. There really are no coincidences. People like to say, everything happens for a reason. I don’t think everything happens for a reason, but I do think you can bring reason to everything that happens. A coincidence is like a happy accident, but actually it’s no accident that all. The coincidence is a glimpse into how things are supposed to be. Remember the universe is perfect and whole out beyond time and space. It contains infinite possibilities. It’s we who are limited by the mind. By the same token, we can be unlimited depending on how we use the mind.

When a coincidence happens, you should rejoice that you’re experiencing the divine perfection in the moment. The same goes for when you look over at the clock and it says 11:11 or 3:33 or some such seeming coincidence. That is actually a pulse from the universe where everything is lined up for a moment. My teacher says it’s good to project a prayer of some sort when you find yourself in an aligned moment like that. You can use a mantra or simply “make a wish” as some people like to say when they see these things appear.

Many people write off synchronistic events as mere coincidence because it’s easier to cast that event aside rather than take full responsibility for this great power that lies within us. If the universe is this perfect mass of consciousness, and you’re always connected to it, then you’re every bit as perfect as that perfect whole. If you’re always connected to it, then it is in constant communication with you and that’s a responsibility few are willing to live up to because it’s a lot of work.

Sometimes events line up to show you what’s coming. For example, let’s say, you have to take a package to Fed ex, it’s on your list of things to do for the day. As you leave the house, and you’re driving down the street. You see a couple of FedEx trucks parked next to one another. One might say “wow, what a coincidence.” However, if you are of the philosophy that the universe is constantly conspiring in your favor, then that coincidence becomes not only a synchronistic event, but also a friendly reminder from the universe.

I know from personal experience now that I’ve begun a dedicated practice of meditation that the right sorts of things just begin to happen. Your life gets on track by virtue of the fact that you’re constantly aligning yourself with the higher part of yourself through meditation. Events become orchestrated in your favor and a flow begins. I recently had to go to a wedding which meant getting a sub for one of my classes. Try as I might I couldn’t find a replacement for my class. After three tries I just sort of accepted that I would have to leave the ceremony early and teach the class. As it turned out the events changed and I ended up finishing early, with plenty of time to get to my class. This is an example of how events want to line up for you if you just accept what is being offered and go with the flow.

The more you practice going within, and getting a hold of your true center, the more synchronistic events begin to happen in your life and what may have once seemed like mere coincidence will become a magnificent pulsing co-creation between you and your soul.

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