Wahe Guru, a little meaning behind the yoga of sound

*Wahe (Wha-hay) means “Wow” or “Ecstacy.” It’s sort of an exclamation of the joy of existence. Guru (goo-roo) means that force which brings one from darkness into light.

‘Gu’ means darkness and ‘Ru’ means light. So Gu-Ru is basically the transformation from dark to light, which is why we have associated the word with ‘enlightened’ or masterful individuals. We call someone a ‘guru’ when they have mastered their profession or area of expertise. However these words are so much more than simply a title or an idea. By speaking or chanting the word one creates the sound vibration, which awakens the force of the guru in all of us. Some consider this the higher self. It’s the perfect and complete version of yourself informing you in every moment. Speaking the words Wahe Guru will create a vibration which will dispel darkness from you and bring you into the light of your Soul. Another way of looking at it is that chanting the mantra is like dialing a phone number to your higher self. (more…)

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Meditation to manifest money

Given by Yogi Bhajan
September 23, 1997, New Mexico

“Life is nothing but Alertness. You can only be Alert if you are wise & disciplined.” –Yogi Bhajan

meditation for money hand position

Mudra: Sit with a straight spine, chin in, chest out. Bend the elbows into the sides of the body, and place the palms in front of the diaphragm area, flat and face up. Criss cross the finger area only, left on bottom, right on top. The thumbs will be extended away from the rest of the hand, and point straight ahead. Make sure they are not stretched back so far that they point to the right & left, but are pointing exactly straight ahead. (more…)

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Can A Human Be Greater than God?

How can I believe in God when just last week I got my tongue caught in the roller of an electric typewriter? Woody Allen,

The soul comes through the human to experience duality, the world of good and evil, opposites. If God is so great, how can there be so much suffering?

One of my yoga teachers was telling a story about someone in their family who, while meditating went to the place beyond time and space where souls decide to come into this life. She related that these souls are fighting for a chance at human life. Being human is so great that souls fight to come here to earth and angels are jealous of humans because of all they are able to experience. Yet, when we get here, each of us suffers. That makes no sense. Life is cloaked in suffering. Out in the world of duality, the world of opposites, we bounce between good and evil and we suffer. Why on earth would a soul want to come into that? Perhaps it is to become more powerful than God. (more…)

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