Can A Human Be Greater than God?

How can I believe in God when just last week I got my tongue caught in the roller of an electric typewriter? Woody Allen,

The soul comes through the human to experience duality, the world of good and evil, opposites. If God is so great, how can there be so much suffering?

One of my yoga teachers was telling a story about someone in their family who, while meditating went to the place beyond time and space where souls decide to come into this life. She related that these souls are fighting for a chance at human life. Being human is so great that souls fight to come here to earth and angels are jealous of humans because of all they are able to experience. Yet, when we get here, each of us suffers. That makes no sense. Life is cloaked in suffering. Out in the world of duality, the world of opposites, we bounce between good and evil and we suffer. Why on earth would a soul want to come into that? Perhaps it is to become more powerful than God.

God is the unmanifest potential of everything, like that black hole at the center of the universe. Nothingness. Nothing can escape a black hole, not gravity, not light, nothing. It is perfect emptiness. The perfect zero state. God is that nothingness of the black hole surrounded by the vast infinity of outer space. We are all the stars, points of light on that blanket of velvety nothingness. Yes, sadly, that also includes Paris Hilton. Think about this, though. Everything in our experience is light and sound, including us. In fact, the word human means light of the mind— hu=light, man=mind. Light mind. Yet when you close your eyes the lights go out. Darkness. That’s the first place you look for your true self, your soul, God. Outer space is inner space and vice versa.

For after all what is man in nature? A nothing in relation to infinity, all in relation to nothing, a central point between nothing and all and infinitely far from understanding either. The ends of things and their beginnings are impregnably concealed from him in an impenetrable secret. He is equally incapable of seeing the nothingness out of which he was drawn and the infinite in which he is engulfed. Blaise Pascal, French mathematician, physicist (1623 – 1662)

Out of that nothingness, God becomes light. This light is the light of the soul. The mind projects that light of the soul. The projection of the light of the soul is a human being. It’s an honor to suffer because it’s only through this suffering that we ask ourselves why? In that asking is the opportunity to develop a relationship with your own soul, a pathway to the infinity, which is God. How does a human become more powerful than God? By developing a relationship with the soul. In knowing the soul, you serve your individual purpose in life. In this way you approach everything that God intends to be in your unique form. Intent is the potential of the mind. The human being is the intent of God.

If you want to create something in life you must first intend it. If it is in line with your soul’s purpose, then you’re in line with God’s intent and voila it will manifest. So with intent we project our soul with the mind and we create. We use the light of our soul to project the mind and create the forms we see before our eyes. if you don’t like what you see, then don’t blame God. It’s your problem. You’ve got free will. Quit bitching. When we don’t create with the soul’s purpose we suffer at the hands of our own creations. You and God are one. You are co-creators of this existence, creatures of The Creator. You drink too much, eat too much, have wrong sex, bad relationships, and do things to hurt each other, take things from each other and on and on. You chase after worldly things and get them, then realize you don’t want them because they cause you pain, a broken relationship, a broken heart. For what? It’s all to get you to utter that famous mantra, “God help me.”

All this suffering sends you back looking for the soul within you and then you can start living. Living with purpose. This doesn’t mean that worldly things are bad. That’s is the ego again trying to classify in terms of duality. Worldly things aren’t bad. All things come from infinity and infinity is God so all things are God. Even the bad stuff is God. Oh yeah, the eternal mind bender. The light of the soul, the light of God is pure Love and compassion, but that’s the same light that’s in you and me. So you humans are the problem. The perfection and the imperfection is all there for the asking. It’s your choice. God isn’t good and the devil bad. It’s all you, baby.


What happens is that once you get in touch with your soul and you live by your soul, through your heart, then everything on the outside becomes a projection of the light of your soul and you begin to see it all in that light. When you see your soul reflected in everything before your eyes rather than thinking it is separate from you, then you’re in bliss. Yogi Bhajan, The Master of Kundalini Yoga always says, “If you can’t see God in all you can’t see God at all.” There it is. It’s like that old joke… A Buddhist walks into a hamburger stand and says, “Say, can you make me one with everything?”

Why then, do we not get the things we intend? The problem is not with God or your soul, you’re not cursed or having bad luck. If you’re not getting what you want in life it’s because the mind is not balanced and neutral enough to allow the light of the soul to be projected as intended. The mind is too busy with its dramas and commotions and emotions—‘He said that to me, can you believe it? I am so insulted. I feel this and that. You just watch what I’m going to do now. I’m going to do something about this! You’ll hear from my lawyer!’ We let the mind serve the ego and the ego runs it ragged with all these useless dramas and traumas. When you have control over the power of your own mind then these dramas and commotions will drop from you like dead leaves from a tree.

So what do you do? Send the ego to basic training and balance the mind through meditation. The key is to use your will power to take back and tame the mind and the only way to do this is through meditation, meditation, and meditation. There are many forms of meditation. Any field of action regarded with focused concentration can be meditation. Walking can be meditation, but it must be done deliberately. Writing can be a meditation. Chopping wood can be a meditation, but you must use these tasks as deliberate actions to get into the flow so that the chatter of the mind stops and the soul can come through in neutrality. The trouble is, we want it all now. ‘Just give me a pill. I don’t have time to sit down and do nothing for an hour. Really, I don’t have time.’ If you want to build big muscles you have to lift weights and eat a certain diet. You have to take the time to practice bodybuilding. If you want a neutral mind so that you can know your soul, you have to take the time to practice meditation. When you belong to a sports team you go to practice so you can be ready for the big game. The game of life is every day. You have to practice some sort of meditation, going within, every day. Practice makes perfect. Pressure makes diamonds. Ashton Kutcher makes bad movies. Sorry.

Prayer is when you talk to God. Meditation is when God talks to you. In any case it’s a communication, which you go inside your self for. When you pray or you meditate, you close your eyes. Eyes are the windows of the soul. When you close the eyes you shut out the world so it’s just you and your soul. Try it. If you’ve never prayed or meditated before it’ll drive you crazy… drive you right “out of your mind.” The ego, used to being in charge of everything is deathly afraid of the dark. Close your eyes and go within and your ego will become impatient as a three year-old child pulling at your sleeve to go out and play. But if you’re going to give a child a life, you teach it how to behave. You must do the same with your ego and you do that through meditation. If you invoke the power of your will and meditate, you will walk with grace.

The world of a human can be a godlike world that will change everything within and without So powerful is the human, and the human’s work, that it will bring God down to a human form if it has to be. –Yogi Bhajan, 02/11/1992

If a human walks with discipline and grace, that human becomes more powerful than God. An openhearted life of compassion and Love gives a human power over the manifest world before his eyes. On becoming the God in man, the human becomes more powerful than God because God needs that human to have that experience. Without the human, the light-mind, God is just unmanifest potential. Unmanifest intent. The human is the manifest intent of God, warts and all.

The funny thing is a whole hell of a lot of people will get angry at this concept. How dare you say a human is more powerful than God? They can’t reconcile that kind of power. Some others who are all ego will sit back and go, ‘Oh yeah, that’s right baby, I’m more powerful than God. Who’s yer daddy?’ I can’t decide which is worse, overblown ego or arrogant humility. The ability to be more powerful than God lies in humility. The greatest power in the universe lies in being humble. Great spiritual masters constantly laugh when people say, “You are so great. Look how powerful you are.” True masters laugh and say, “Not me. Perhaps my master, The Father, he is all-powerful. I am nothing.”

So what’s the point of being more powerful than God if you can’t do anything with it? The truth is you can do everything with it. When you become nothing, like the unborn, unmanifest, undying God while in human form, there is nothing greater because you are then a vehicle for what God truly is… the flowing light of Love and compassion. Out of the nothingness comes light. That light is the light of the soul and before that soul comes into the body and the ego divides everything into two, there is nothing but that light. If you want to heal anything in your life, if you want to create or change anything in your life, just center your mind and hold it on the concept of that pure light out beyond any opposites, duality or division. When you do that, your soul carries that light back through the mind and projects it on the world. You become that light. You are being a true human—light-mind. Then you are more powerful than God because God is nothing without you.

Good luck with all that.

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  1. Dear sir, you have been enlightening indeed. I feel very soul bound. But rumors about kundalini and how to awaken it for greater powers and so on, makes me confused. I like to be humble, but if within this humbleness I find more than kundalini kan offer me, I will be thankful indeed for taking your words to heart. Everybody talks about kundalini nowadays, but not of the desire of the soul to be home again, return to the infinite light. I have a friend, who is humble, and in him I see the rest of my life disappearing as he is God. He knows nothing about kundalini and chakras and the books, but his heart is constantly connected to the Great Mother Divine. The only thing I understood that The Home he talks about, is beyond greater than the three great hindu gods and the one Christian God Jehovah. Allah, Jahweh, and so on. The only difference is, he cannot meditate and he cannot do manifestation, and he cannot foresee the future. All he can do, is love me more than anything in the world and desiring his Home more than anything in the world. It seems he has killed kundalini, because what I saw in my meditation, His Home in the form of a caring Mother, takes him forever in her arms and he alone seems to bring back Her Smile. He allows me to share in these experience through his touch and my meditation. He is beyond every spiritual Master I know or I have read about and none of them have ever taught me of my Home has this boy has taught me. Spiritual books do not matter. Just the desire of the soul to go back home, that’s where the true journey starts.

    I sure would like your opinion on this, please… It would really mean a lot to me if someone like you could give me some courage to counter my doubts whether I am important to my Home or not.


  2. Sat Nam Kesrie,

    Thank you for your beautiful comment. It sounds to me that your friend is very close to god through devotion. Bhakti is one of the paths to realization. There are many rivers but all of them end up merging into the ocean. They key to life is to experience the bliss– to be happy, healthy and whole, to enjoy. Sadly, religion sometimes takes us away from this rather than toward it. By following your heart you can access the infinite. There are many obstacles on the path of the heart but it ultimately leads to the heavens within. The Home to which your refer has its doorway in the human heart. May you find this bliss and experience it. Sat Nam.

  3. The one last question when everything else is known, is why, I have contemplated that question for half my life, why did the creator of the universe create the universe, why did something so perfect and pure want to create a temporary imperfection, the same answer as come to me many times, at that is, it did not need a reason why. Its only man in is ignorance with a duality mind which needs to know why, In reply to kesrie if your have gone that far without master then you don’t need one, kundalini is just a name given to it in the last few thousand years it existed well before man, this planet and indeed the whole universe, it has no name but has been called by many, nobody can lay claim to it, religion makes a mockery out of if, mental heads will never find it, as. You already know it beyond mind matter, good luck on you travels friends

  4. In the last paragraph, you say, “Out of the nothingness comes light”, but how can that be, because at the beginning you say “God is the unmanifest potential of everything, like that black hole at the center of the universe. Nothingness. Nothing can escape a black hole, not gravity, not light, nothing. It is perfect emptiness.”? Then you go on to say “Out of that nothingness, God becomes light. This light is the light of the soul. The mind projects that light of the soul. The projection of the light of the soul is a human being.”

    What I don’t understand is how the leap from the concept of God being like a black hole from which NOTHING CAN ESCAPE to the idea that God becomes light, the projection of light in the form of soul and a human being. It seems a little confusing that on the one hand nothing comes from God/nothingness, but on the other hand light can come from that same nothingness all of a sudden – surely it’s either one or the other? Or, would I be right in saying, then, that light is a product of God projecting the form of the human soul. So we are thoughts of God, therefore we do not come from nothing… *confused*!

  5. Angie– I wrote this when I was new to kundalini yoga and very excited about the philosophy of things. Truth is you have one soul and life on the earth is dualistic– opposites. How can you be one with everything and separate at the same time? It’s a paradox. The same thing of the light coming out of nothing– or every thing coming from no thing. Ultimately these are all mind games. You don’t have to understand the oneness of your soul… you have to experience it. Kundalini yoga gives you the experience of your soul and beyond that you don’t need to think. I find it fun to write and muse about topics of spirit because it keeps my attention on my spirit. What you pay attention to grows. Sat nam.

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