KYBC is a straight-forward place for giving you information on the technology of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan.  You’ll learn how you work as a human being and the ancient techniques of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation that work, fast.  You’ll get insights on how your mind, body and soul work together with your breath and how you can sync up all parts of you, seen and unseen, to have a better experience of your life.

Basically, these ancient techniques of Kundalini Yoga, when practiced regularly, will allow you to tune yourself up so you can be happy, healthy and whole.  They’ve worked wonders for me so I have dedicated myself to sharing them with others who wish to improve their own lives and the lives of those around them.


In the U.S. and the west, people hear the word Yoga and they think it’s just a form of exercise.  The truth is, Yoga was designed to get the body and mind together so you could meditate to strengthen and balance the mind, and thus have a greater control over your life.  Unfortunately, alot of yoga in the west has been taken apart and sold just as physical exercise.

“Maintain a positive attitude for 40 days with promoting habits and you can change your destiny.”  –Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini Yoga is a pure form of fast acting kriyas made up of angular postures, breaths and meditations, which are intact and done exactly as The Master, Yogi Bhajan, gave them.  It is a body-mind technology which is the Ultimate Workout because it works the physical body and the mind synergistically to neutralize stress and induce deep relaxation.  Actually a better way to describe it is… the Ultimate Relaxation.  Kundalini Yoga goes beyond the physical body to the soul level.  In a very short time, Kundalini Yoga produces a state of relaxed, well-being.  That is, if you do it.  You have to actually do it, not just read about it!

The physical exercises, coupled with powerful breath techniques and sound (which we know from science is just another form of energy like light) is used to accelerate your entire energy field and neutralize your mind.  This allows you to clear your sub-conscious mind, where the roots of your habits lie.  When you can regulate your mind, you can sync up all parts of you, seen and unseen which allows you more control over your experiences.  You free up energy formerly wasted on bad habits, emotional and commotional situations.  This energy backs your intention to take you to the next level.

Another misconception about Yoga is that it’s mostly a woman’s sport.  The truth is, a lot of women do yoga, but yoga, especially Kundalini Yoga, was practiced by many accomplished warriors, particularly the Sikhs, who were known for their almost superhuman abilities on the battlefield, which they got from the powerful techniques of breath control and the ability to project the mind with mantras.  So yes, real men do in fact do yoga, particularly Kundalini Yoga.  A lot of yogi’s have really awesome beards too. The truth is, that Kundalini Yoga is for everybody– it’s a technology for being a better, more powerful human.

There are thousands of kriyas, meditations and breath techniques… some as short as 1 to 3 minutes in length that are so powerful that they can change your whole state of mind in that short amount of time. It’s my goal to give you the tools to get started on a practice that works for you and your schedule and to provide you access to deeper understanding of techniques that will allow you to hone the lens through which you perceive the world and the leverage to change yourself for the better, forever.

Thanks for stopping by.

Jai Gopal Khalsa

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