Steering The Ship of Your Life

One of the problems we face is that after we set out for some distant shore, once we're out on the ocean, it's all ocean for a while. Nothing but ocean and we're unable to see the next destination for that vast ocean is the only thing around. This can be very disorienting. Getting up and going to the same job everyday can be like being out on the ocean. Sometimes you forget where you set out for.

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How To Digest A Problem

All problems are finite because they relate to the finite world of this and that. When you close the eyes and breathe slowly and deeply, you have an opportunity to induce the infinite vastness of your spirit. The breath is a charge of life (prana) and it is the connection with the infinite part of you.

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102 Things you can do to realize your destiny

To Bee, to bee

A friend of mine suggested this idea a few days ago and so I ran with it. After all, everybody loves lists! Thanks Ali.

  1. Think About Your Destiny Once A Day
  2. Follow Your Heart
  3. Follow Your Bliss
  4. Pray for Others
  5. Pray for Yourself
  6. Meditate
  7. Give to Charity
  8. Follow Your Intuition
  9. Breathe Deeply
  10. Forgive Someone
  11. Love Everyone You See
  12. Treat Others as You Would Like To Be Treated
  13. Do Something Self-Less
  14. Be At Peace Within
  15. Live In The Present Moment
  16. Accept Things As They Are Now
  17. Get Rid of Anger
  18. Call Your Mother
  19. Call Your Father
  20. Be Kind to Yourself
  21. Do What’s Right for You
  22. Make The Higher Choice
  23. Clean Your House
  24. Try Something New
  25. Don’t Worry (more…)

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