Meditation To Break Depression

Meditation on the Breath For Healing & To Break Depression

(As taught by Yogi Bhajan ) <<download/print>>

gian mudraBasic Position: Sit in any relaxed position with a straight spine. Relax the hands in your lap, palms face up, left under, right on top; or put the hands in giaan mudra (index finger and thumb-tips, touching).

Eyes: Close the eyes 9 parts, leaving them just slightly open. Focus the eyes on the tip of the nose.


Inhale through the nose, in four equal parts, until the lungs are completely full. Exhale through the nose.

Each part is a quick, sniff-like inhale that causes the sides of the nose to collapse in very slightly. It is important to focus on the flow of the breath, and to keep the broken breath equally divided.


The following mantra can be mentally recited on the inhale:

SAA: (Infinity, Cosmos, Beginning)

TAA: (Life, Existence)

NAA: (Death, Change, Transformation)

MAA: (Rebirth)

On the exhale, mentally recite:

Wahe Guru. (Wow! The Ecstasy of that which brings me from the dark to the light)


Practice this 11 minutes daily, for 40 days (in a row).

Comments: This breath is used to heal one’s self and to break depression.


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  1. How long have you been practising meditation ? Nice post.

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