All about the power of prana– life force in the breath.

How To Digest A Problem

All problems are finite because they relate to the finite world of this and that. When you close the eyes and breathe slowly and deeply, you have an opportunity to induce the infinite vastness of your spirit. The breath is a charge of life (prana) and it is the connection with the infinite part of you.

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BREATH BASICS: A Word About Prana

Pranayam Kundalini Yoga Anatomical Model of The LungsPrana is the life force in the air you breathe. In the east it’s known as ‘the breath within the breath.’ The breath of life. Prana contains the life force, which is transferred to you when you breathe. It’s much more than simply a combination of oxygen, nitrogen and other chemical components. It’s the subtle universal force that is in all things. Some believe that in Christianity, when they speak of ‘the holy ghost,’ they’re speaking about the subtle force of prana.

Prana can heal you. Conscious breath exercise brings you into a centered state of relaxation.

You take your first breath when you’re born and you breathe your last breath when you leave the body. If that’s not a clue as to the important of the breath, I don’t know what else is.

When you breathe properly and your lungs fill completely, they push down on the u-shaped muscle of the diaphragm. (more…)

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