Using Commitment to Pull Through to Your Intention

Using Commitment to Pull Through to Your Intention

Yesterday morning in class we were talking about how commitment is a way of pulling yourself to the other side.  The other side being where you want to go with your intention. Once you’re committed, the universe lines up to deliver it to you, but because of the mind, there is resistance along the way.

Think of commitment to your intention like a story where the hero throws a grappling hook with a rope across to the other building and then pulls himself (or herself ) across.  Your intention is getting across to the other building and your commitment is that grappling hook.  Once you’re connected to your intention a lot of things can threaten you along the way and you will absolutely meet with resistance because that’s how our world works, but if you pull yourself across bit by bit, you’ll get there.rock_committment

It’s like the story I related from going to my wedding last week.  I was on my way and even once I got there all kinds of things popped up to annoy me.  They could’ve stopped me, but they didn’t.  They just annoyed me:  having to go back to the Southwest counter because some of my groomsman gifts didn’t pass security.  My hotel room sucking when I got there and having to change to a new room, which also sucked.  Vegetarian unfriendly Thai food that didn’t make the cut even after I sent it back once.  All of these things could’ve shaken me… if I wasn’t committed.  I was going to my wedding and that was that.  Those events, which were no doubt Karma popping up from such a big energetic event as a wedding, were mere annoyances and once I recognized them for what they were, they didn’t bother me.

I stayed focused on my intention:  having a memorable, loving, amazing wedding shared with my lovely wife and our awesome families… and that’s what happened.

This is the power of intention and although there may be turbulence, once you take off, barring any life-threatening emergencies, you shouldn’t stop until you get to your destination.

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