Drop Your Fears

“You can never get rid of fear, you can only drop it.” — Yogi Bhajan

It’s true… you can never get rid of fear you simply must drop it. It’s the same concept as focusing on what you’re for– accentuating the positive instead of fighting against what you don’t want. Fear is an emotion that cripples. It’s like kryptonite to the human energy system. It literally robs the body of energy.

But how do you do it? It’s a decision for certain but you also have to take action and move past your fear. Thoughts chain together and can grip you in a magnetic hold that seems impossible to break out of. To drop fear you have to go straight toward its opposite: Love.  You have to crave peace and move directly toward it.  “Leave the gun, take the canolli.”

Whatever you fear, don’t try to cleanse it, work with it, or fix it, just drop it. If you found a jar of poison in your home you’d get rid of it, right? You wouldn’t say, “Hmnnn let’s see if we can recycle this or work with it, somehow purify it.” No, you’d wrap it up in and dump it. So if there’s something you fear that’s holding you back, drop it and move to the place that you can envision bringing you a flow of peace.  Confronting your fear is actually just dropping it.

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  1. right on. good to read yor newslleter again. hope you had a great solstice. (i’m sure you did). satnam and lotsalove,

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