Getting High

Getting High

It’s funny that it’s called getting high, because that’s exactly what you do in yoga, particularly Kundalini Yoga.  You raise the energy in the body and that takes you higher.   The truth is, all anyone wants is a look over the fence to the other side. When you set out to get high, you just want to feel good.  You want to feel something more than what you’re getting as you go through the day to day life. Why do we do that? What are we looking for? Soul, I think. We’re looking for that powerful part of ourselves that has the universal, undying energy. We know it, because we are it.  Inside us there’s a constant longing for it, which creates in us a constant desire to get high(er).  In the absence of any real method of accessing it, we turn to substances that try to get us there artificially. So what is getting high? It’s a taste of ecstasy and we go after it using food, sex, drink, drugs or any substances that we think will get us to get higher

Then there’s the backlash. You get high, but you feel crappy after and you have to recover from it. If it becomes a habit then the body gets weighed down with the residues of the substances (toxins) and then the body craves the substance backed by chains of subconscious thoughts and viola, you’ve got addiction. While this doesn’t happen to everyone, it happens enough to be a concern.

The truth is, you’ve already got everything you need inside you. The human system is perfectly designed to live in a blissful, happy state– even a high and ecstatic state. The trouble is, until now there’s never been a roadmap to get you there. I fell in love with Kundalini Yoga, because it gives you a way to that feeling on a regular basis without the backlash. It’s a direct technology for getting the body and mind high naturally, and as a result, connecting to the soul through direct experience. Many people think of yoga as a kind of airy-fairy practice but that’s not at all the case. It’s pure science of the human being.  There’s only one major problem with it… you have to do it.  You have to practice.

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  1. Hello,

    I keep hearing this, that all we need is within, the Higher Self, Spirituality, and on and on and on. Thing is, I rarely ask for anything for my self save the safe keeping of my loved ones, and that didn’t happen. I read books that tell me that life is meant to be wonderful, is meant to be fun, a hoot blah blah blah.
    Well, the hell it is. And then these same books say we create our own reality, and what we go through is what we have agreed before birth, because it is what we need in order to grow. Well, did anyone need to be tortured, or starved, or beaten just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time? It’s hocum.

  2. Hi Anne,

    I know how you feel. I was probably the most negative person on earth before I got into kundalini yoga. I still tend toward the skeptical and sarcastic because I was branded in The Bronx New York.

    As far as the cards life tends to deal, like I said, I feel ya. My wife and I came home from our trip to New Mexico to a flea infestation in our kitchen, then a series of other crap which I won’t bore you with, but just recently found out that a family member is now fighting for life in intensive care after having to jump from a burning building, off a second story balcony in the middle of the night.

    What I have learned however is that everything is energy and it’s our job to stay on the up or positive side of the energy no matter what happens. That’s where the strength lies. That’s, I think, what most of these self-help books are trying to get to in their own way. In this case, as I told my wife, the best thing we could do for this family member is to generate strength and project that on to him. That strength helps us and it helps others. Whenever you project your mind in prayer for others they get it and you get it too because of the underlying connection of everything. So I urge you to keep your faith and keep asking for the safe keeping of your loved ones.

    We know it’s tough and we are right there with you. Sometimes I’d like to smack a lot of these self-helpers with their books and formulas that seem like a bunch of airy fairy stuff. I don’t think it’s the information as much as who is delivering it. There’s definitely something to staying positive and keeping your mind and body tuned up so you can face the day.

    That said, the problem with self help books is they don’t give you the energy you need to direct the mind to stay positive. They get your mind excited about ideas, but there’s nothing there that gets energy into the system. That’s why I shined to kundalini yoga, because it was the first and only thing that not only preached the good stuff, but after I walked out of class, I actually FELT the good stuff. I had an experience.

    Life deals some shitty hands, agreed. The idea is to stay strong so that you and those close to you benefit.

    Wishing you the best of the best and thanks for writing.

    Sat Nam. Jai Gopal

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