Practice On The Road: Sadhana for The Adventurer

This is from my friend and fellow yogi Sat Daya Singh. Interesting insights on keeping up with the practice under all kinds of travel conditions. Great food for thought. Although he doesn’t mention it directly, maintaining a strict practice or sadhana against all odds is the epitome of The Power of Intention.
Sat Daya Singh

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sadhana For The Adventurer

by Sat Daya Singh

A consistent sadhana is at the core of the Kundalini yoga experience. Change occurs when one follows a daily regimen of yoga and meditation. The consistency chips away subconscious and physical blocks. Keep the sadhana strong and the universe will take care of the rest.

My heart raced during Sat Kriya as my mind interpreted unknown sounds as prowling jaguars.

A daily practice is certainly feasible when one has a set schedule and location. Awaking before dawn to do yoga is practical if one has an apartment and a nine to five job. But what happens to the traveling yogi? What becomes of sadhana if one is at a 14,000 foot campsite in the midst of a howling storm?

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