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the law of the vacuum
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I’ve been coming across the Law of The Vacuum in Yogi Bhajan lectures alot recently so I taught a couple of classes on it.  I really enjoy going into the teachings like this because once you discover something and then you search deeper, it reveals itself to you and the result is this glorious feeling of accomplishment.  It’s an ah-ha moment.

So what is the law of the vacuum?  One phrase The Master used repeatedly was:  “The Law of The Vacuum, is that there is no vacuum.”  Kind of a riddle in a way.  In fact it’s kind of like that scene in The Matrix where Neo comes across the kid bending spoons in The Oracles’ waiting room.

I wondered for a long time what this Law of The Vacuum meant.  So I looked around for everything I could find with Yogi Bhajan talking about this law of the vacuum and when he said:

“Because you all must know one theory which I want to share you.  There is no such thing as a vacuum on planet earth.  It can be only caused temporarily.  It’s a very scientific law which I liked very much when I studied physics.”    –Yogi Bhajan

I realized then, that it’s an actual law of physics.  The idea is that a vacuum can only exist temporarily because the universe immediately rushes to fill any void.  I think that really only applies to this planet.  You see, outer space is a vacuum, but in our atmosphere, on the planet earth, there is no vacuum and it can only exist temporarily.  So what does that mean in terms of spiritual practice?  Well the next quote I found he says:

“What you have to do is create a vacuum, raise your consciousness.  And moment you raise your consciousness this gap will be fulfilled from all sides.  When the air becomes hot it goes up, from all sides the cool air comes.  Cool, comfort, then the time will suit you.  You need not suit the time.”  –Yogi Bhajan

So it’s very simple.  When you raise your consciousness, when your kundalini rises, it creates a vacuum and that vacuum pulls in what you need because a vacuum must immediately be filled.  When you focus on elevating your self, then you get into the flow of spirit and it’s that oneness of flow that brings what is needed to fill in the void.  You are full-filled.  It’s a very interesting way to look at that concept that we are supported by the whole creative force.  But it gets even better… the vacuum is filled with Maya, but instead of being disruptive, the maya then supports you.  Because you’re focused on your higher consciousness, the dramas and commotions don’t affect you but instead hold you up.  Here’s what he says:

Today I give you a formula which depends on physics.  If you raise your consciousness from here to here what will happen between this space?  Gap.  Vacuum.  If you raise your consciousness from here to here, there will be vacuum.  This vacuum will be filled by maya.  And maya includes what?  Wealth, happiness, as they call it.  Easiness, and all this is a maya.  These are the distracting forces.  So if you can raise your consciousness from here to here there will be a vacuum and this vacuum is filled by other forces and other forces are maya.  It will not bother you but it will hold you.  It can’t bother you because you are quite high.  But it will hold you, it will support you.  But how beautiful maybe the wine if you fill a tank and jump in it and get drowned what’s the use?  If you get into maya you are lost.  But if you get the support of maya and keep your consciousness high, that is all what you need.  If this little thing you understand you understand the entire spiritual science.  –Yogi Bhajan

Another way to look at it is this– in the world there are opposites, up-down, hot-cold, in-out, this is our dual world.  So there’s always opposing forces.  When you focus on raising your consciousness through meditation, through holding the mind with mantra or kundalini yoga or some active meditation, then a flow happens and that flow must be filled, thus you are full-filled.

Do not try and bend the spoon – that’s impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth… There is no spoon.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?  Practice, practice, practice.

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