BREATH BASICS: A Word About Prana

Pranayam Kundalini Yoga Anatomical Model of The LungsPrana is the life force in the air you breathe. In the east it’s known as ‘the breath within the breath.’ The breath of life. Prana contains the life force, which is transferred to you when you breathe. It’s much more than simply a combination of oxygen, nitrogen and other chemical components. It’s the subtle universal force that is in all things. Some believe that in Christianity, when they speak of ‘the holy ghost,’ they’re speaking about the subtle force of prana.

Prana can heal you. Conscious breath exercise brings you into a centered state of relaxation.

You take your first breath when you’re born and you breathe your last breath when you leave the body. If that’s not a clue as to the important of the breath, I don’t know what else is.

When you breathe properly and your lungs fill completely, they push down on the u-shaped muscle of the diaphragm. (more…)

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Transcending Karma: Just Don't React

wheel of karma; courtesy http://EngravingCreations.comSince karma is simple cause and effect or action and reaction, if something happens to you and you just don’t react, you can stop karma in its tracks. Of course, like many practices of a spiritual nature, this is easier said than done.

The key word here is practice, though. Once you become aware of something that you were otherwise oblivious to, change begins to happen immediately. This is the power of the mind at work. It’s like shining a flashlight at a shadow in the corner. The shadow disappears. Whatever you put your attention on will grow and change. So if you make the decision to observe your reactions to things over let’s say, a forty-day period, you’ll begin to see change in how your life flows.

As you become a new observer to aspects of your life that previously went on automatically, you’ll begin to marvel at how you acted in the past. Perhaps you have a habit of getting into a road rage when you’re driving. Maybe you have to have the last word in arguments. You will change yourself if you just stop playing the game of reaction. Reaction is almost always emotional. Someone says or does something and it triggers in you a train of thought, which you then engage with emotion. This emotion swells in you and propels you into a reaction of some sort. This process always takes up a lot of energy that you could use for better things in your life. This doesn’t mean taking no action at all. It means not re-acting when something happens to you or someone does something that makes you want to respond. (more…)

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Keep It Simple… Stupendous

The key is to open your heart and give Love as much as you can to everyone within your reach because you are everything and everything is you and God is in the details. So when giving to others selflessly, you are actually giving it to yourself because, “Thou Art That.” This is why helping people feels so good. It’s like that John Lennon song “Instant Karma. ” When you give, you get instantly.

To put it simply as I can:

    “The most difficult thing on earth one can practice is to be humble. It is not easy; it is difficult, because you have to surmount the existence of whole maya (illusion) and to recognize that God is by your side. Then you feel the humility.” –Yogi Bhajan

  • God is inside you.
  • God is in everything you see.
  • There is nothing that God is that you are not.
  • There is nothing that you are that God is not. (more…)

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