Chakras: Lower Triangle Vs. Upper Triangle

This is not at all like east coast rappers vs. west coast rappers, to be clear.

The first three chakras are often referred to as ‘the lower triangle.’ The heart is the fourth chakra where everything ‘bends’ as it were. Then there are the upper three chakras, often referred to as ‘the upper triangle.’

Chakras have basic archetypes:

  1. Survival
  2. Creativity & Sexuality
  3. Will power – Core directive power
  4. The heart – Compassion & Love
  5. The Power of spoken word – Throat
  6. Intuition & Wisdom – Third eye
  7. Humility & Divinity – Crown
  8. The Aura – Radiance of the True personality

The lower three correspond to earthly issues: Survival, creativity, and will power.

The upper three correspond to the transcendent nature of the human being: Spoken truth or power of the word (level of the throat), Intuition & wisdom, (third eye) and finally, Humility and divinity (crown)

The heart (love and compassion) is the bridge between the lower three and the upper three. That’s why we’re told ‘follow your heart’ or ‘where the heart is, there will the treasure be also,’ because the heart informs the earthly efforts through love and compassion, with the infinte qualities of the soul– truth, wisdom, intuition and humility. When all these are working together, it makes for a balanced, creative human being.

These seven chakras in the body, referred to as wheels or vortexes, because they’re not actually like floors in a building but rather swirls of energy in the system. In Kundalini Yoga, Yogi Bhajan has told us that there is an eighth chakra, which is The Aura– an electromagnetic field or circumvent force– basically is like an energy wrapper that holds the other swirls of energy in place.

The seven chakras radiate into the aura and when all are balanced and flowing, a person’s electromagnetic field is strong and we say that, “this person has ‘an aura’ about them.”We’ve all known the person who seemed to attract everything– good looking, radiant, they appeared to have it all with ease. This is generally due to a strong aura and electromagnetic field… unless it’s a character in a Stephen King novel… that we don’t cover here. : )

When the aura is radiant or positively charged, it filters out and repels negativity and illness. Also, when the aura is positively charged, by the law of attraction, it magnetically attracts to the person substance and events that are according the the desire and projection of that individual. Examples of this have been put forth recently by the popular metaphysical film, The Secret.

Although most of us can’t see this energy directly, it makes us who we are and we can develop a sensitivity to it, which is what the practice of yoga and mediation gives us.


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