Keep It Simple… Stupendous

The key is to open your heart and give Love as much as you can to everyone within your reach because you are everything and everything is you and God is in the details. So when giving to others selflessly, you are actually giving it to yourself because, “Thou Art That.” This is why helping people feels so good. It’s like that John Lennon song “Instant Karma. ” When you give, you get instantly.

To put it simply as I can:

    “The most difficult thing on earth one can practice is to be humble. It is not easy; it is difficult, because you have to surmount the existence of whole maya (illusion) and to recognize that God is by your side. Then you feel the humility.” –Yogi Bhajan

  • God is inside you.
  • God is in everything you see.
  • There is nothing that God is that you are not.
  • There is nothing that you are that God is not.
  • Any man, any saint, or any deity is merely a symbol for the God that is inside you.
  • There is nothing to wait for, no heaven to look forward to, no hell to fear.
  • Everything is happening right now in this present moment.
  • Everything that happens to you is a projection of your soul in this moment.
  • When this light goes on inside of you, you must approach it with a humility.
  • You can be come trapped in the ego, especially when you become spiritual, because the spiritual ego is the trickiest of all illusions.
  • Nobody is going to save you, you have to save yourself by recognizing, then consciously projecting your soul.


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