Going Bananas

This is really interesting. The lovely and talented Jamila just forwarded this to me so I got it off an email. It's all about how good bananas are for you.…

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Sources of Vitamins & Minerals Naturally Occurring in Foods

There’s a book that was compiled from Yogi Bhajan’s lectures called The Ancient Art of Self-Healing, Edited by Siri Amir Singh Khalsa, D.C. I got a copy of it up at the Summer Solstice in New Mexico. Other than that it’s pretty rare to find. It’s a fantastic book with all kinds of rare Ayurvedic treaments and recipes. The great thing is it’s indexed for easy searching by what’s ailing you. It’s a very interesting book and this is one of the appendices– a guide to vitamins and minerals by the foods in which you can find them. Coconut seems to be the winner– nearly a perfect food. I actually heard tell of some yogi in India who lived on one coconut a day for his whole life. Not one French Fry?

vitamins & minerals food-list follows below (more…)

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