Going Bananas

This is really interesting. The lovely and talented Jamila just forwarded this to me so I got it off an email. It's all about how good bananas are for you.…

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Understanding Trans Fat

I recently explored this business of trans fat and it’s pretty scary. Now I look at the labels on products and am pretty horrified to find how many of them contain this chemically modified fat that is so foreign to the body that it simply ends up as unprocessed fat which clogs the circulatory system.

Here is a very informative site about exactly what hydrogenation of fat is: www.treelight.com. There is also great information there about good fats like coconut and palm kernel oils and why they’re actually good for you.

I came across this following article which is very informative:


Trans Fat Survival Checklist

By James Pereira

nutritional label trans fatA healthy human diet should consist of a daily intake of water, carbohydrates, protein, fats and vitamins and minerals. Naturally all these have a daily recommended amount for the optimum functioning of our bodily processes. Just as in any other substance abuse, excess intake of fats will result in pathological conditions. Furthermore the result of excess fat intake varies according to the type of fats consumed. This means that there are different types of fats and also not all fats behave similarly in our body.

The major effect of excess trans fat consumption is heart disease. Studies have indicated that an increase of energy intake from the trans fat group increases heart disease risk by 100%! Trans fats develop coronary heart disease by both increasing LDL-cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and lowering HDL-cholesterol (good cholesterol).

Furthermore, excess trans fat intake also may reduce brain and eye functions by interfering with omega 3 fatty acid (another member of the fats group) metabolism that is important in brain and eye function. Trans fats have been linked to the abnormal development of babies in pregnant women who consume this. (more…)

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Sources of Vitamins & Minerals Naturally Occurring in Foods

There’s a book that was compiled from Yogi Bhajan’s lectures called The Ancient Art of Self-Healing, Edited by Siri Amir Singh Khalsa, D.C. I got a copy of it up at the Summer Solstice in New Mexico. Other than that it’s pretty rare to find. It’s a fantastic book with all kinds of rare Ayurvedic treaments and recipes. The great thing is it’s indexed for easy searching by what’s ailing you. It’s a very interesting book and this is one of the appendices– a guide to vitamins and minerals by the foods in which you can find them. Coconut seems to be the winner– nearly a perfect food. I actually heard tell of some yogi in India who lived on one coconut a day for his whole life. Not one French Fry?

vitamins & minerals food-list follows below (more…)

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BREATH BASICS: A Word About Prana

Pranayam Kundalini Yoga Anatomical Model of The LungsPrana is the life force in the air you breathe. In the east it’s known as ‘the breath within the breath.’ The breath of life. Prana contains the life force, which is transferred to you when you breathe. It’s much more than simply a combination of oxygen, nitrogen and other chemical components. It’s the subtle universal force that is in all things. Some believe that in Christianity, when they speak of ‘the holy ghost,’ they’re speaking about the subtle force of prana.

Prana can heal you. Conscious breath exercise brings you into a centered state of relaxation.

You take your first breath when you’re born and you breathe your last breath when you leave the body. If that’s not a clue as to the important of the breath, I don’t know what else is.

When you breathe properly and your lungs fill completely, they push down on the u-shaped muscle of the diaphragm. (more…)

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Fennel Cauliflower Chapatis Recipe


I got this recipe from the men’s lectures that Yogi Bhajan gave. In these lectures he outlines several high energy foods and recipes which contribute to potency. I’ve tried this recipe and it’s become one of my favorites.

He says that after eating these cauliflower chapatis you should take a little nap and when you wake you’ll be full of energy.
(recipe continues…) (more…)

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