Why do Teacher’s Training?

The following is written by my teacher, Harijiwan about the teacher’s training experience. I will be participating as an apprentice in this teacher’s training. I urge anyone who has the will and the means to do it. It will certainly change your life.

Harijiwan Singh Khalsa

Join the Golden Chain –

by Harijiwan Singh Khalsa

In Jap-Ji, the celestial song of the Earth and Heavens, Guru Nanak says, “Paatalla Pataal lakh Aagaasa Aagass.” Limitless the worlds below, limitless the worlds above.

The Ancient ones tell of those places where beings are trapped in worlds where the Sun sets. The darkness comes and enters the minds of the people. Pain and confusion occur. People get lost, and can’t find their way.

But, the Ancient ones also tell us of beings of light, pure and bright, who have found a way to escape the suffering of the darkness. These beings have linked themselves to each other and to a luminous place that exists far, far beyond time. This is the Golden Chain. Through the blessings of this ancient lineage, you can find your way to the clear light of awareness. From this expanded consciousness you begin to experience the totality of your potential and the endless possibilities of fulfillment. (continued below–>)

Starting Friday January 22nd, we invite you to join this Golden Chain of Teachers in Santa Monica California.

Kundalini Yoga Level I Teacher’s Training
January – July, 2010

For registration and information…

erin@harijiwan.com / 310.392.3638

Yogi Bhajan, the Mahan Tantric Kundalini Yoga Master, taught in the West for 35 years. His teachings have been codified and synthesized into a comprehensive Level One Teacher Training course. The ancient science of Kundalini yoga is designed to awaken human consciousness to the awareness of how to maintain consistent health and constant happiness.

In Kundalini yoga every movement is scientifically originated, organized, and projected. This is a discipline where there is nothing but success. But it requires practice. It requires technical know-how. The five elements–ether, air, fire, water, & earth– and the aura, which should be nine feet on either side, need to come to a controlled balance. With the strength of your practice you develop self knowledge, and with devotion infuse this knowledge into your being with the mantra SAT NAM.

These techniques of awareness begin to swing the personality away from fear complexes, the interlock of emotions and commotions, toward a freer, more expansive self-reflection. The physical body is prepared and the mind is taught to vibrate the sounds that re-activate and reconnect the cosmic link between individual consciousness and Universal consciousness. Kundalini Yoga is self-realization through experience. This is a practical approach with a clear demonstration and continuous manifestation of the total supremacy of higher consciousness.

Elevating others feeds the Soul. To put the formless into form we use the link of love, compassion, and devotion. We establish an identity that is never lost as we move from existence to existence. We develop the character to make the invisible visible and the grace to create the radiant light that removes the obstacles of misfortune.

You are on the planet Earth. Have you come to enter the darkness or to guide others to the light? This is a destiny choice.

Join us on a splendid journey of exploration. Enter the captivating dance of the interwoven magical mantra sounds, activate the inner nectar rivers of the sublime Kundalini, and gain the essence of human freedom where the Long Time Sun is always shining and the Pure Love is always guiding…and the certainty of the protecting Golden Chain brings you the inexpressible serenity of Eternal Peace.

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