Embracing Troubles: Bits of Wisdom from Boot Camp and Aquarian Teacher's Training

I’ve been absent a while and for that I apologize. A new boot camp always becomes all consuming. This newest program as been a great success thus far. As we’ve finished this first week, the seventeen or so strong souls who’ve come out have been there nearly every day with great dedication and commitment.

I’ve also been involved as an apprentice teacher trainer with Harijiwan and Tej Kaur in their Kundalini Yoga Teacher’s Training in Santa Monica. As an apprentice I am helping out with the program and teaching a class or two on my way to becoming a trainer of teachers myself.

So as a catch-up, this will be a blast of wisdom bits from both the boot camp as well as the teacher’s training.


This morning as I ended the meditation I was graced with some thoughts which I shared at the end of class…
As you move through your life, don’t pray so much that all of your troubles be taken away, but rather pray that you have the strength to burn them in the fire of your spirit, so that they may give you the strength of experience and ultimately, wisdom. A mere piece of coal under great pressure eventually becomes a diamond. Keep making yourself bright and strong and the darkness of your troubles will slowly disappear.

  • This weekend Tej Kaur was teaching about the breath and she said that when you breathe consciously and mentally pull the breath (prana) through the crown of the head (7th chakra ) you actually charge or light up the nadis which are channels of energy through the body that the life force travels on. Breathing conciously in this way and charging the nadis from the top down balances the entire energy system as the breath comes in! This is good to know, especially because of how we traditionally think about breath and the lungs as well as everything going from bottom to top.

I like to read some inspiration if there’s time at the end of class. The following is a prayer that came from Yogi Bhajan and I found it at the end of a lecture called Learn To Love in the book Meditations for the New Millenium.
May your words have projective power, may your face shine like the moon, may your body radiate like the sun, may your brightness be acknowledged by those whom you touch, feel, speak to and befriend. May you learn all the faculties of God– totality, reality, infinity, kindness and compassion. May your prosperity shine through you to serve those who are in need and may you extend your hand of friendship to those who are lonely. May your essence flow, may you be recognized by your best qualities, wonderful manners and your livelihood. May this day bring you all these blessings plus more, so that you can live healthy, happy and holy. May your nine holes be under your control. And may you give your heart to that one who is like God to you, so you can find your infinity forever. Sat Nam.

  • We go from individual consciousness through group consciousness to get to universal consciousness. When you relate in group consciousness you see the reflection of the many facets of your mind. (This is why you have to go to class as well as meditate at on your own.)
  • Knowledge leads to experience which becomes wisdom.
  • There’s a biorhythm of the earth and there’s an individual biorhythm that each person has. When you open your eyes in the morning, if you don’t catch the rhythm of the earth, you are playing catch-up all day. This is why you should play sacred mantras at night while you sleep, so that when you wake up you are surrounded by a vibration of sacred sound and are more likely to be in sync.
  • Breath gives you control over your mind and body.

The three most powerful ways to create change in yoga, respectively are:

  1. Mantra and sacred sound current (Gong)
  2. Conscious Breath
  3. Posture or Asana

This is why Kundalini Yoga is quicker than the more solely physical practices.

  • Each time you consciously focus on or think about your breath, your aura radiates and expands.

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

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  1. I have to say that I am so happy that the universe has brought me to Patrick who has re-awakened my desire to embrace Kundalini Yoga. My breath and my nurturing spirit have been given a new radiant energy that my friends and clients have really noticed. I can’t help but want to share the beauty of “embracing our breath” with others…how can one not want to share something that feels so good…then throw in that gong and it gets even better.
    I really loved the piece of coal to diamond thought.
    Thanks for everything Patrick!

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