Being Who You Are

“The Privilege of a lifetime is being who you truly are.” — Joseph Campbell


It’s interesting to think about this from a yogic perspective because in yoga we think of everything in terms of energy. When you know who you are, and you’re being that you can be, all your actions are in concert with your truest identity and thus, all your energy is behind being you. Your identity is like a system for the energy that is you and when that system is in good shape, then you can profit from its utility because all of your energy is going into service of the identity. In this way 100% of your energy goes into the enviroment in which you are creating your life. If you’re unsure of yourself and your identity, it’s like the system is in disrepair. It’s like if you were to rent an office to start a new business only when you got inside the office and it was time for work, instead of doing all your work, you spent half the time worrying about the color of the walls or the furniture. Your identity is like that office space– it’s through this identity that you do your work in the world. It’s okay to rearrange the office once in a while but it shouldn’t be hourly.

The idea is to go for it. Be who you truly are and if you’re not sure, then just take your best hunch and go. Fake it till you make it because somewhere in there it’ll work will get done.

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  1. Nice one Patrick. I stumbled upon this searching ‘Joseph Campbell’. Ironic huh? I think his work was my first exposure to the concept of Kundalini when I was a teenager.

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