Where There's Anxiety, There is No Compassion

I love it when you come across something so perfect that it gives you an ah-HA moment. This video of Guru Dev Singh is one of those. A little background on Guru Dev Singh: He’s the only student of Yogi Bhajan whom Yogi Bhajan called a master. More accurately, Yogi Bhajan called him a living saint.

Guru Dev Singh is the master of Sat Nam Rasayan, a yogic healing technique which Yogi Bhajan passed to him and asked him to create system, a method, a way to teach it to others. Very simply, Sat Nam Rasayan is a healing modality wherein the healer gets into a deep meditative state known as Shuniya or Zero State and in doing so, creates a state of oneness with the patient, which creates a state of healing.

If the patient has the capacity to receive the energy, then they can heal themselves through the interaction. Complicated stuff, but this video explains it in one way. This video is bigger than that though. It applies to all of life. IT sums up why we meditate and why we practice kundalini yoga… because in a relaxed state we become compassionate, and when we’re compassionate as a simple state of being, then our presence works. Our presence simply uplifts the others we come into contact with, simply by being there. Yet another example of how being excellent and living up to your best and brightest self helps the world around you.

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