Positivity and The Law of Attraction: Do Not Expect Delays.

Writing is easy for me. I can say that now. I can embrace it. There was a time when if the writing came too easy I’d be waiting for the other shoe to drop. I wouldn’t accept that perhaps there was something that was easy; something that I could do with little or no struggle. Basically, I was taught that for something to be won, it must be hard won. This isn’t so. At the beginning of any path, there are going to be trials, it’s the price of experience and walking through the fires of purification. As they say, you’ve gotta break some eggs if you’re gonna make an omelet. Some days it’s cold, other days it’s sunny and some days it rains. You just have to keep walking the path.

We get so used to people talking of how hard everything is supposed to be, that we start to celebrate difficulty and strife until, because of its expectation, it becomes a reality and a way of life. The truth is people do find their stride. Life can become easy. For a lucky bunch, life can be easy from the beginning. Take the person who finds music or some other field of action at an early age and goes on to be one of the greats in that field. No doubt that the road to freedom and ease can have bumps and detours, but you should expect ease, joy, happiness and love of the game along the way. You shouldn’t expect delays hardships and tribulations. Recently a film called The Secret put forth one of the principles human beings use to create their lives to order. It’s called The Law of Attraction. It basically states that your thoughts are energy and what you think about most will be magnetically attracted to manifest in your life. Sort of like a radio station. If you tune in accurately, you’ll get the program more clearly. So if you expect an easy time of it, you’ll get it. If you expect a hard time, you’ll get that too. It helps very much if you pick something you like to do. When you pick something you love doing, you create sacred space while doing it and the world falls away. When you forget time and space with the mind intently focused, you transcend this world and the mind, in its meditative state accesses the place where all stuff comes from: the soul. Time flies when you’re having fun. (MORE below—>)


When tough times come, greet them with the same enthusiasm you would a good day. Many, when confronted with this philosophy of positivity balk, saying that positivity in the face of adversity is “unrealistic” or Pollyanna. Your reality is what you choose it to be by the thoughts you think. I learned this great lesson in the Army as an officer. We had a mantra, which was, “Gotta love it!” No matter how difficult the mission or how miserable the situation; sleep deprivation, hunger, exhaustion, boiling heat or freezing cold, my men would always say, “Gotta love it, sir,” to which I would reply “Huah! Gotta love it. ” What that translates to is: This is my present reality and I’ll deal with it. Not only that, but I’ll deal with it positively and I won’t complain. Deal with the events of your life, good and bad, with the joy and love of the moment. This may seem like mere stoicism, but it’s not. As simple as me and my soldiers could be, there is a great depth to that stoic attitude.

Good times follow the bad. If your attitude is, “it’s all good,” then, your reality will in turn, be all good.

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