All yoga is…

All yoga is designed to raise the kundalini energy. What’s that saying, “All rivers lead to the ocean?”

Yoga gives you an activity, which stops the mind and allows your energy to flow. A very sohpisticated technology of the physical body and energy system, it allows you to open the energy channels of the physical body so that you can sit and breathe– meditation. When you breathe properly, you awaken the kundalini — the infinite energy in every human being. I like to call it the ‘superhero powers.’ When this kundalini energy flows, or rises up the spine, it gives the human being greater creative power. It makes the human being more intuitive– tweaks the sixth sense so you follow your gut and you end up in the right place at the right time. Again, the kundalini is the power of the soul– of infinity right there inside you, and when you awaken it with the breath, you access your connection to infinity and your power as a human being increases exponentially. It is the creative potential of the human being. It gives you a clarity that will allow you to do the impossible if you so choose.

Trouble is, here in the west many look at yoga simply as phyical exercise. Yoga without some sort of mediation after is kind of like going to a restaurant, ordering a meal and leaving when it arrives… you go through the preparation and action of getting a meal, but you don’t get the actual nourishment.


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