Voluntary Hardship

I’ve started officially teaching Kundalini yoga at a place called Le Studio in Hollywood. The teachers I’ve studied with have all spoken of this feeling that comes through you when you teach. It’s all a part of that selfless vacuum I was talking about a while ago. You become a conduit for the energy of people bringing themselves to a better place. The energy of the golden chain of teachers that practiced and mastered this yoga literally comes through you as the class practices the various kriyas and meditations. This sounds really esoteric but it’s really no so much. Teaching is somewhat of a selfless act. As I write this I get wrapped around the axle. So let me just put it this way…

I got really high from teaching these past couple of weeks. The entire rest of the day I had this bubble around me where nothing could go wrong. And it wasn’t “just having a good day.” I tried to explain it to a friend of mine who doesn’t teach yoga and she just said, “I get it, I know the feeling of having a success. You got a teaching job, that’s great.” But that isn’t it at all! It’s an inexplicable feeling that everything is going to be okay no matter what. It has nothing to do with feeling success or triumph or getting a job. Talking about this feels like spilling sugar at the beach. I think simply that this feeling is the real time experience of the vacuum I was speaking about. Yogi Bhajan has said this many times about Kundalini Yoga and I’m really glad to have now experienced it. I wish this feeling on the entire world. Imagine?

Also my birthday today. Happy Happy : )

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