The Best of Times Begins With Each Breath

Now more than ever the times demand this positively charged energy. Your energy. The 40 day kundalini yoga bootcamp gives you the platform to make the necessary changes and clear your sub-conscious mind of the patterns that cause you to waste your precious energy on useless events, like stress, commotion in relationships, fear, worry and anxiety or just texting too much : ).

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Stop and Go

I often tell classes when I have them in a rest period, to drop all tension from the previous exercise. What happens after a tough pose or movement is that the mind wants to stay ready so the student keeps the body tense in anticipation of another tough exercise. When you're done with something, an action, a job, an exercise, then you should drop everything associated with it and become neutral. There's a time for action and a time for rest. The applies to everything in life. The mind is, in part infinite and we often carry around much more than we need anticipating the next tough thing in our lives.

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Charging for Yoga Classes: Greed or Good Practice?

This was in response to a post on the kundalini yoga teacher’s forum, subject: knowledge should be free. The gist was that this person thought it was hypocritical to charge for passing on spiritual teachings. The following is a response.accepting money for yoga classes

Many people believe that spiritual knowledge should be free. In many ways it is, but living in a world of duality, one has to give in order to get. That is also in accordance with karmic law. Karma is simply cause and effect, which was proven scientifically by Newton in his third law–“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” As far as charging for this knowledge, the waters get muddy here in the west, in our modern capitalist system.

In the past, spiritual tradition was typically handed down from Master to Student at great physical cost. A new Chela, or student, wishing to find a master and learn the spiritual path would travel arduously up into the Himalayan mountains and once he found the master, would then work for that master for several years or more until accepted. That is if the master accepted him in the first place and allowed him to work. After this tremendous expression of commitment, the student would then get one kriya to practice and master. In that context, if you stop to think about the volume of technology Yogi Bhajan passed on in such a short time, it’s mind boggling. (more…)

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