THE BEST QUOTE About 'What Yoga Is' That I Have Seen

Of course, this comes from the Yogi Bhajan everyday calendar. I try to mix things up in terms of sources, quoting others to give some balance. But when you’re talking about kundalini yoga all the time, it’s hard not to also talk about The Master, Yogi Bhajan. That said, this quote really gave me pause. I think this is one really nice way to understand what yoga is.

Yoga has never been truly described for what it is. It is an art and a science with which you can leap over the pitfalls of life. It is a science, and knowledge, and art, where mind and body can work in union and spirit will back it up.

— Yogi Bhajan 2/11/92

In the west yoga is mostly considered exercise, but that is only one part of it. We cling to the exercise aspect of yoga because it’s tangible, because it’s in the physical body and we know how to experience the physical body already. The physical body is only a fraction of the whole being, though, and we don’t know about the rest of us because we’ve been told there’s no real technology to give you an experience of it. Kundalini Yoga is the technology that can give you the experience of the unseen parts of you.

yogi bhajan meditationReligion, no matter what form, promises you these things about God, but with religion it’s all outside of you– beyond your grasp. The truth is, it’s all going on here and now– the whole creation, all of it, and Kundalini Yoga is a way to experience it. Experience what? Your life, which is a projection of your soul’s light through the mind. You are an imagination of your self and the world out there is your canvas. When you do yoga, you tame the mind, strengthen it and clean it up, so that projection of your imagination can come under your control and you can enjoy your life, creating it to order.

That quote above is one fantastic way to sum up how yoga can help you coordinate and participate in the human experience in a positive way.

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