All About How To Combat Headaches

The following is excerpted from various lectures given by Yogi Bhajan. Meditation to combat headaches is at the end.




up position of frog pose (kundalini)To measure how young you are: Get into Frog pose: Put your hands on the ground. Now come up with your butts in the air, keeping knees and legs straight, bending over touching the ground. Grab hold of the heels and press nose into the knees. You will never have trouble with HEADACHES if you can do this. It means you are young and you will survive.

The greatest problem with a female is that when she confronts insecurity, she gets a HEADACHE. Insecurity in woman means a HEADACHE. Otherwise there’s no HEADACHE for a woman. She’s not meant to have a HEADACHE. A secure woman can never have a HEADACHE. It is a biological, physical phenomenon, which represents a tremendous amount of insecurity. When you are very insecure about something or you have a HEADACHE, just feel, “Happy am I, Healthy am I, Holy am I” and it will go away. It works like Tylenol.

If someone has a HEADACHE, just massage them on the temples. Just pressure them and then let go. These are the temples of God. This area, these temples control the prana in your inflow of life.

cat pose kundaliniCat pose is meant for your creative energy and to get rid of HEADACHES.

A woman should pass her stools within 18 hours (for a man it can be up to 24 hours), because her structure will start causing so many menstruational problems. All menstrual problems come from constipation. For a woman, menstruation will be messed up, she will have a lot of cramps, dizziness, she will have HEADACHES, irregular menstruation and she will be nauseated. She will not digest her food and she would like to vomit all the time and be bitchy. The moment a woman’s stool remains in her body more than 18 hours she starts.

First thing upon rising one must brush the root of the tongue with alum and salt until one gags and the eyes water. The gagging will bring up two balls of mucous that collect at the root of the tongue overnight. This toxic mucous must come out before you swallow or it will go back into the body to produce HEADACHES and pollution. HEADACHES, even migraines can be traced sometimes to mucous. Use this alum and salt toothpowder and brush the root of the tongue.

Headache Quick Fix: Sit in easy pose. Bend forward, touch the forehead to floor then come sitting back up. This is very good for circulation. It is the best facelift and it avoids HEADACHES.

Another Posture for HEADACHES: Lie down on your back. Raise your head off the floor and do long, deep breathing for 1-3 minutes.

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  1. Thank you so much for this information! Ive had a migraine since last night and I didn’t want to take any otcs. I thought I would google kundalini for headaches and found your sight. I did the poses and my headache is almost completely gone. when I feel it starting to come on I lay down and lift my head or do cat pose and it eases again. And the info about insecurity hit me as total truth cuz I have been having migraines for the past 4 years an it has been the most stressful and insecure time for me. So wow because I have been greatly concerned as to why I have been having them! I will start using this website and doing the mantra “Happy AM I Healthy AM I HOLY AM I.

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