Original Yogi Tea Recipe

Yogi Tea

    1 Gallon Water
    30 cloves
    30 whole green cardamon pods
    30 whole black peppercorns
    1 lg finger of fresh ginger, thinly sliced
    5 sticks cinnamon
    1 teabag, Black Tea
    *Milk and Honey to taste (*optional)
  1. Bring water to boil.
  2. Add all spices except black tea bag. Boil 30 -45 min. Longer is stronger.
  3. Finally, add black tea bag and boil another 5 min. **The black tea is added last because it amalgamates the spices and sort of seals them. Also the tannins help assimilate the spices into the body.
  4. If adding milk & honey, do so after adding the tea bag and letting it steep– OR BETTER add milk and honey to individual cup or a small batch. That way you can store the raw tea in the fridge and prepare with milk and honey as you go.
  5. If you go cup by cup, you can leave the raw tea on the stove on the lowest flame to enjoy all day.

**Milk helps to ease the shock of the spiciness on the stomach and intestines so drink with milk if you’re sensitive.Note: for a stronger tea you can let the spices sit and sink to the bottom. If the tea gets really strong you can cut it with milk or reconstitute with a little water.

When Yogi Bhajan was a military commander in India there was an epidemic among the troops. He ordered all of his men to fill their canteens with yogi tea and drink nothing else, not even water. His Battalion was the only unit that didn’t get sick! Yogi tea purifies the blood, lungs and circulatory system. It cleans the liver and has many more unseen benefits. It’s good to drink this tea every day.

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  1. I use coconut milk and it makes it even that much more delicious!

  2. thankyou for this, in Omaha in the 70’s there was a golden temple restaurant that had the original proper yogi tea, it had that perfectly amazing spice balance, i will be making this soon,

  3. Love yogi tea…. totally apart of my repertoire….awesome hot or cold……great all day long…..am a faithful Kundalini yogi for more than three years now……so like to try out the suggested recipes of Yogi Bhajan which are always nutritious and delicious….. Sat Nam

  4. I added 4 1 inch Turmeric roots pealed and sliced thin to the tea and found it very good!

  5. @debbie – it’s always interesting to experiment with the recipe, but just so you and all the readers here know, these are very precise yogic technologies and the Yogi Tea recipe makes a tonic that is very good for healing the liver, stomach and removing the residues of drugs in the body– pharmaceutical and otherwise. Very detoxifying. Changing the recipe changes the properties. Thanks for letting us know about your variation.

  6. Thank you for this healing recipe. What is a good recipe for the kidneys? Thnx

  7. Used to make it often, fell out of the habit,
    just found it again. Healing from surgery, cold winter weather, aroma filling my home, about to have some again. Feeling better already.

  8. Is there a way to do this with just dried ginger root? Also is there a way to scale down the the liquid. Example: 1 T of tea mix to 8 oz water. I guess you would not use the black tea, but I was thinking for evening anyway.

  9. Thank you for this recipie!
    And thank you for this website.
    I was having a difficult day and this tea and your articles where exactly what I needed today.
    Sat nam

  10. People are funny. I really enjoyed where your great sounding recipe went for many. My question: if it’s good for the liver etc, might it be good for the kidneys as well? Seems reasonable. My husband is needing dialysis soon, perhaps I’m looking for a miracle, but hoping to try this soon (I can start tomorrow, where do I find the cardumin?). Drs and hi blood pressure med for way too long!!!
    Any other guidelines?

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