Kundalini Yoga: The Non-Denominational Experience of the Soul

I’ve often seen people balk at kundalini yoga because they aren’t sure how it would sit with their religious beliefs. I tell people that Kundalini Yoga is the real time experience of everything religion promises or talks about with regard to the spirit– or God. Kundalini Yoga is the real-time experience of the soul of the human being, in the present moment. The exercises and breath coupled with sound current causes a vibration which raises the person’s frequency of consciousness higher. This higher vibration simply makes you feel good, no matter how you define it.

Spanish christ block modifiedYou can take God completely out of it if you want, it doesn’t matter. You can come from a purely medical perspective if you like. Breath and movement and sound stimulating the internal organs, the endocrine (glandular) system, the nervous system, and the electromagnetic field of the brain, causing greater relaxation from stress and better overall health.  You can approach it from pure science if you like. Sub-Atomic particles of matter vibrating at higher and higher frequencies, emitting light.  Everyone likes a person that’s bright.  No matter how you slice it, yoga, particularly Kundalini Yoga is universal. It simply makes you feel good.

It doesn’t matter what belief system you subscribe to- Kundalini Yoga will make you a more devout practitioner of your faith because in Kundalini Yoga, you actually feel the energy that created you and therefore you understand the structure of your religion and belief system even more– no matter what the flavor or denomination. The practice of kundalini brings you into harmony with your soul and from that you intuitively connect with your highest good and in doing so you will see the symbols of your particular faith and religion much more clearly.

Before Kundalini Yoga, I had been raised Catholic and then Protestant, Christian. I had fallen away from these religions because they weren’t satisfying to me. After practicing yoga I came to understand Christianity even more than when I had participated in it. So have no fear, Kundalini Yoga is non-denominational and is not faith based. It is for everyone.


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