Random Thoughts…

I was going through a file drawer the other day and came across all these scraps of paper I’d written spiritual thoughts on… Here they are.

At a cafe called Fruition in NW Portland, OR —

The best thing that can happen to you is that you experience God in you as a projection of your soul manifest in all that you see in your life. When this happens, it’s the first step to mastering the projection that is your life.

A paradox of the digital age– technology and storage of information gets smaller and smaller which allows for more and more information. Our world grows closer together because of it and the result is that our world horizon becomes infinite. As the world grows smaller as a result of technology & information our possibilities as humans become infinite.

Praying for the healing of others heals you by default. By sending out light and love to people in your life, you actually heal yourself because the other person is really you.

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