In The World, Yet Above

I was re-reading swami Rama’s “Living With The Himalayan Masters.” In it is a chapter entitled “In the world and yet above. ” He talks about being a Swami in India and how everyone in their enthusiasm wants to chant and celebrate you when you come around to a new place. Often he was really tired and just wanted to sleep so he could get up early and meditate. At the end he talks about how he learned to sleep while people around him were chanting and playing drums and singing. Of that, he says:

“Decide that no matter what happens, you will do what you set out to do. If you are determined, possible distractions will still be there — but you will continue on your path and remain undisturbed. Sankalpa (determination) is very important. You cannot change your circumstances, the world, or your society to suit you. But if you have strength and determination you can go through this procession of life very successfully.”


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