Getting Yourself into Orbit – Working With Gravity

When I worked in commercial real estate, I had a boss who once said something very wise to me. He told me that anything you do in this life is like “getting yourself into orbit.” Think of yourself as a rocket-ship or better yet, a satellite trying to get into outer space so that you can orbit around the earth. In order to get out of the atmosphere you have to defy gravity, which takes a lot of energy. A rocket expends a lot of fuel propelling itself upward towards space. However, once you make it out of the earth’s atmosphere, the gravitational pull of the earth starts to work for you. A satellite hovers around the earth, traveling at great speeds with very little to no effort. An occasional thrust to the left or right for correction keeps the ship on course, with earth’s gravity doing all the work. It’s the same thing for anything you want to do in your life. When you begin a journey of destiny, you will meet with great resistance– this is the cost of getting into orbit.satellite in orbit - by Leon_Turk photobucket

In Think And Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill says once you determine what your definite chief aim in life is, you must demand of yourself “Persistent, continuous action toward it’s attainment.” It’s this persistent, continuous action which is the energy you use to get into orbit. Once you’re on your path moving forward, you will gain momentum, just as the rocket ship gains speed. Then at some point, you’ll get into orbit and all that work will have been worth it, because you’ll be in orbit and then most of the work will then be done for you. Gravity becomes your ally instead of a force pulling you back.

You can also look at this in terms of higher thinking. When you attempt to evolve to a higher level of life… to take yourself to a higher level of being, you’re going to meet with resistance of the mind. You are pure energy, including your thoughts, and this energy of your mind is also pulled down by gravity. The earth’s gravity is constantly pulling your thoughts down toward the lower vibration of the earth. This is why it takes such an effort of will power to make higher choices. You literally have to will your mind to a higher level of thought. This is why meditation and Kundalini Yoga are so helpful. Yoga and meditation stop the incessant flow of thought-energy allowing you to leverage the energy of your mind and that leverage pushes the mind higher at a faster rate than if you were just doing it without any outside help. When you put yourself into orbit by making higher choices you also gain perspective and attitude. You can see the things in your life with greater ease. Earthly problems become smaller, as the view from above changes everything.

A satellite in orbit can send also signals to any place on the earth with ease because of it’s attitude and perspective. A satellite is so high up that any receiver on earth can just point up in the sky and receive the signal. In this way a satellite serves millions of receivers on earth. When you make the effort to take yourself higher and live your destiny, when you follow your bliss and become the highest version of you that you can be, you become a satellite and your signal goes out to anyone who comes across your signal. That’s why Yogi Bhajan said that “your presence must work. ” By doing Kundalini Yoga, you raise your consciousness and you feel good. Then your presence makes others feel good. Think about this: When you’re around friends who are in a good mood, it puts you in a good mood, right. Being in a good mood is a higher way of being, isn’t it? That’s the way it works with taking yourself higher as well. You live to your highest, then people around you see that and they’re inspired to live to their highest as well. You make an effort to feel good, and others around you feel good.

So make the effort. Have the courage to put yourself into orbit, enjoy the fruits of your labors and let yourself be a light for others to see by.


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