The Military and Veterans Embrace Yoga

naval aviators do yoga before missionsYoga sweeping the nation and the world as a way to center and find peace from the inside out as well as keep the body fit. More importantly it is providing many in high stress situations and those with post traumatic stress disorder with a way to unload the sub-conscious pain brought on my continual, repetitive stress.

A recent letter to the editor of Fit Yoga Magazine brought to their attention Naval Aviators who do yoga on aircraft carriers to destress.

“The Iraq war really threw me for a loop. Found myself on the top of a mountain crying one day, and thought, ‘I’ve got to do something about this.’”
Michael Jakonski, Vietnam Veteran

A friend of mine emailed me this today. A studio in Massachusetts has put together yoga and meditation classes for combat veterans. The story was covered on NPR. As a veteran myself I have often thought of approaching the Veterans Administration with the idea of teaching Kundalini Yoga to veterans. This story has inspired me to get it going. Listen to the streaming audio of this NPR Morning Edition story.


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  1. Sat Nam,

    I am a Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher in Phoenix Arizona who would like to help our veterans by providing yoga classes. Please advise if you have a contact here at Luke AFB or somewhere where I might volunteer.

    Many Thanks,


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