Meditation for Gur Prasad – (Blessings & Grace)

Gur Prasad – How can we experience this understanding? Gur Prasad is the blessing, the grace, the transforming touch of the Guru, the teachings embodied. Grace alone completes our full merger with the Infinite. This experience is a gift from the Guru. ”

“When your merger is complete with Gur Prasad, what is the natural desire of your soul? To meditate…” –by Yogi Bhajan, From The Aquarian Teacher Textbook – Level 1

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Meditation for GURPRASAD

MUDRA: Sit comfortably with your spine straight. Cup the hands together, with the palms face up, at the level of the heart center. The elbows and upper arms will comfortably tuck against the ribcage. Feel that you are asking & receiving a blessing from God.

EYES: Keep the eyes 90% closed, 10% open. Allow them to close completely during the meditation.

TIME: No restrictions placed on the time. Practice at least 11 minutes.

END: Feel a great flow of energy into your body, psyche, and mind. Just let it happen… health, wealth, happiness, your caliber, capacity. “Gurprasad” means the “Gift of the Guru,” the Universal Teacher. As you practice this meditation, feel yourself being showered by all the blessings of heaven.

This is a very restful posture. The meridian points on the ribcage give immediate relaxation. Fill your heart, fill your soul, with whatever comes to you from the bounties of nature.

OPTIONAL: You can play a mantra, such as “Ardas Bhayee” by Tarn Taran and Friends, as this mantra helps to answer prayers, or, “Dhan Dhan” on the album “Mother’s Blessing” by Snatam and Prabhu Nam Kaur, as this mantra will help bring about a miracle.


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  1. It seems that all the research I do on this form of meditation directs me to buy a book or pay for a class… Must there be a price tag on enlightenment? Those familiar with the method, please instruct me on how it is done. Silly answers will be tolerated, but I would like to know the facts. Thanks.

  2. Jay– I’ve spent years trapsing all over, getting up in the middle of the night to practice, through thick and thin, all at great expense of my time, energy, awareness and money. Should I teach what I’ve learned for free? If you go to law school and then practice you expect to make hundreds per hour. Everybody thinks that’s fine. The idea that piety is poverty or that spiritual teachings should be free is the biggest lie ever told. There’s a yogic scripture that I will paraphrase here, but the gist of it is this: Show me the teacher who can deliver me to my soul and I will give him everything I have. If you really want the true teachings you may find them, but either way there has to be an exchange. The law is: “Empty you come, empty you go.” Ultimately it’s down to how much you value the teacher who can show you what you could never see on your own. Enlightenment is the most expensive thing going– if it’s the real thing, because if you know what you’re looking at, it’s everything.

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