Chakras: Lower Triangle Vs. Upper Triangle

This is not at all like east coast rappers vs. west coast rappers, to be clear.

The first three chakras are often referred to as ‘the lower triangle.’ The heart is the fourth chakra where everything ‘bends’ as it were. Then there are the upper three chakras, often referred to as ‘the upper triangle.’

Chakras have basic archetypes:

  1. Survival
  2. Creativity & Sexuality
  3. Will power – Core directive power
  4. The heart – Compassion & Love
  5. The Power of spoken word – Throat
  6. Intuition & Wisdom – Third eye
  7. Humility & Divinity – Crown
  8. The Aura – Radiance of the True personality

The lower three correspond to earthly issues: Survival, creativity, and will power. (more…)

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Teacher Profile: Tej Kaur Khalsa

By Nelly Coneway (Dayaal Kaur)
Reprinted from LA YOGA magazine September 2006 Vol. 5/ Num. 6

Her spiritual name, Tej, means radiance and perfectly fits the warm heart and soul of one of the great teachers of Kundalini Yoga. Her smile is an open door to infinity and her warm eyes penetrate deeply, reading all like an open book. Tej has an energy field and knowledge that illuminates, comforts and helps those around her. (more…)

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Hip Set

Another great one from Harijiwan ... It's a good one to do in conjunction with The Meridian set. <printable version> Lie on back. Legs up 6 inches. Inhale right leg…

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Meditation to manifest money

Given by Yogi Bhajan
September 23, 1997, New Mexico

“Life is nothing but Alertness. You can only be Alert if you are wise & disciplined.” –Yogi Bhajan

meditation for money hand position

Mudra: Sit with a straight spine, chin in, chest out. Bend the elbows into the sides of the body, and place the palms in front of the diaphragm area, flat and face up. Criss cross the finger area only, left on bottom, right on top. The thumbs will be extended away from the rest of the hand, and point straight ahead. Make sure they are not stretched back so far that they point to the right & left, but are pointing exactly straight ahead. (more…)

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Meridian Set

To adjust the meridians in the body (channels of energy.) Got this from my teacher Harijiwan. It's a favorite kundalini yoga set of his and goes hand in hand with…

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