Stopping The Mind

“In Kundalini Yoga you are given a perfect key for the lock of consciousness. The incessant intellect acts like a file that rubs off the levers from the key. Intellectualizing the Truth to suit your own circumstances and to cater to your fears will never work.” –Yogi Bhajan

stopsignI remember starting out meditating and doing Kundalini Yoga. When I first learned about the Aquarian Sadhana practice I remember thinking to myself, Yeah, that’s great but I need something specific because I’m a writer and this and that and the other thing. That’s fine for the others. It doesn’t apply to me.  I have to laugh now because I’m doing these other meditations and I’d rather do the hour long chants from the Aquarian Sadhana whenever I can, because nothing launches me into the heights like those mantras.

What I realize now that I didn’t know when I started was that my mind was trying to organize everything and the ego was in the way. I had no experience of that practice whatsoever, yet I had already decided that I needed something different because I was a little different than all these common folk. ha ha ha.

And that’s how the intellect weakens the key that is meditation. The mind constantly tries to stop progress into greater heights, because the mind knows that the closer you get to the real, powerful you, it will have to obey you. That’s why anything requiring self-discipline is so difficult: the resistance of the mind.

In all your power, the mind works at your command, your will is aligned with the force of nature which gives a oneness of infinity and thus great power.

Like anybody in a position of power, they don’t want it to end and so the mind also protests and diverts you from the truth. So practice getting close to your soul everyday and eventually the mind will stop long enough for things to become clear.

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