Have Confidence

Confidence is an emotion that focuses the mind and allows the highest projection of your self to come through. When you know who you are and what you can do, then there’s no doubt and that breeds self-confidence.

Without the lingering burden of doubt, your mind flows freely, and that knowing-ness of confidence allows your life to unfold before you.  Confidence allows things to work out for you, if you don’t bring too much ego to it.  True confidence isn’t a bravado, but is a quiet knowing and truly confident people are known for their doing things well without much talk about it.  Think Clint Eastwood.

Confidence doesn’t mean you’re without challenges, though. Life will always throw up challenges each time you come to a new level in your life. It’s that knowing without a doubt that you can meet these challenges that you face which ultimately brings you success.

Life is completely dynamic and always changing. The problem comes because we seek pleasure over pain and so we’re always waiting for the train to pull into the station so we can get off the pain train.  We’re hoping one day that the challenges will stop.   The truth is there are always a higher levels of play as the game goes on. The challenges don’t stop as you get to higher levels.   Take a professional athlete for example.  The game is even more high stakes and the challenges are far greater than when they may have played in school, but they have the experience of practice and years of play which gives them confidence.  It’s that confidence, of being a pro, and knowing who they are and what they can do that carries them through the challenges of the higher level of play.

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  1. Good advice Patrick…Have confidence and I will too.
    We can all buoy each other with our commiment and love
    sending lots of support and love

    PS Richard has been reading some of the Joseph Campbell book to me

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